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Mugabe drowns MDC Alliance

31 Jul 2018 at 11:54hrs | Views
In politics one ought not to be so thirsty for opportunity that they drink from every cup handed to them. That is how Nelson Chamisa got poisoned by former President Robert Mugabe ahead of the just ended harmonised elections. In all fairness, Chamisa had managed to gather relatively significant ammunition to combat ZANU PF, but lost the plot when he picked Mugabe and his much disliked wife, Dr Grace Mugabe.

MDC Alliance supporters had pledged to stand-by Chamisa despite his conspicuous lies and vowed that even ‘akati mvura ichabuda pamapombi ebhasikoro' they would vote for him. However, the Mugabes factor, proved too big to push down their throats as its tremors were felt even in the MDC Alliance's echelons of power. The Alliance went for the polls with its leadership divided on whether to include the Mugabes in their grand strategy to defeat ZANU PF.

So horrible are the memories Zimbabweans have for the Mugabe couple. Mere replays of clips in which Dr Mugabe would squeal and yell at rallies nauseate any sane soul that has an opportunity listen to them again.

Lest we forget what once brought Zimbabweans together in the manner that was last witnessed when the country attained its independence in 1980. Both the opposition and ZANU PF marched the streets of Harare to force Mugabe out of power, and the move was applauded the world over.

However, Chamisa obliviously thought he could rope-in the services of this most hated couple in Zimbabwe to pull out MDC Alliance out of its deep seated financial crisis. The Alliance was damn broke like a church mouse such that the Mugabe financial muscle proved too tempting for the youthful Chamisa. He literary forgot that direction is more important than speed as he eventually got nowhere after making this suicidal choice.

Many people had invested confidence in Chamisa, but his choice on Mugabes proved counter-productive. To afford Dr Mugabe another chance to brag is not a funny idea at all; both to ZANU PF and MDC-T supporters. Unfortunately they went for the polls on such a dry joke from Wamba.

Most people made a U-turn on Chamisa after the Mugabe factor gained momentum ahead of the polls. Chamisa failed to listen to the outcry over the Mugabes and dismissed it as ZANU PF's propaganda. Indeed, the voice of the people is the voice of God. Zimbabweans again rejected Mugabe, this time through Chamisa. As the results trickle-in, the Mugabe ghost is difficult to ignore as it continues to illuminate behind Chamisa.

Perhaps someone ought to remind both Chamisa and Mugabe that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again, not even through him (Mugabe). In this case he has been an essential tool to block its re-colonization by elements that are not even proud of the name Zimbabwe. The gods have a funny way of protecting their own, hats off to Mugabe, ED has just climbed a step further in his quest to steer around the country's fortunes.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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