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Chamisa's political demise: the best thing to happen to us women!

03 Aug 2018 at 21:37hrs | Views
Chamisa was big-headed: he knew it all, apparently never listened to advice because he thought whatever advice came from himself. He lacked foresight, he lacked leadership qualities, his words were uncouth towards women's ears even some men. He has no knowledge of today's global politics that specifically propagates gender equalities in all public and private sectors of the country's development. To commiserate his loss is wholly dishonest: he did more harm to women in those seven months as leader of MDC-Alliance than good.  

In his kicking and screaming in all his bumper rallies, he forgot completely that he needed parliamentary votes equally. The bumper rallies were about Chamisa the young leader who was replicating Barrack Obama in America, Macron in France and Sebastian Kurz in Austria. But by any stretch of our imagination, Chamisa is light years away from the qualities of these three Presidents: whereas the latter are gender sensitive, Chamisa is not, but an unrepented misogynist. Chamisa has a very low disposition of women including his wife and sister. It is inconceivable that a young man of Chamisa's age has not educated himself enough to know that women are equal to men: Nelson Chamisa is not better because he is a man: simply!

Chamisa's demise must be painful because he sincerely thought the bumper rallies replicated a successful Chamisa presidential plebiscite. It was a shock to him to realize that those who followed him, some of them were not registered at all, but they found in his rallies some kind of afternoon outings and entertainment. Firstly his proficiency in the Shona language use is impressive to listen to. He promised those mobs science-fiction stories of bullet trains/spaghetti roads, trains traveling from Bulawayo to Harare at the speed of light and those gullible believed. He would utter any word that denigrated his sister, his wife and went scot free. He told us about his bedroom abilities and capabilities, how he can prove those on any woman, he went scot free. Chamisa is a pastor, an advocate, husband, and father!  Somehow he managed to brush it off because he was above all criticism and critiques.

After the harmonized elections Chamisa's ignorance and stupidities reached its dizzy heights. He went on to accept the 66 seats of the MDC-Alliance as free and fair but continued to dispute the presidential one before it was even announced. When he lost the presidential vote, it was equal parts pick panic: it was only then he questioned both parliament and presidential votes as fraudulent: This logic is wholly defeating: One cannot say elections are free and fair if he, Chamisa wins. There is no logic in this statement whatsoever.  

Does it surprise us that the international community did not and does not take Chamisa seriously? The Elders on their visit to Harare: Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson told the youthful opposition leader about his unrealistic demands and his disregard for women: and never to incite the crowds. They were appalled by the way Chamisa and his mob treated Justice Chigumba because she is a woman. Chamisa never listened for once. But Chamisa is a lawyer by profession. Chamisa was in the inclusive government of Richard Morgan Tsvangirai: we're told in no uncertain terms by SADC never go to the elections without electoral reforms. What made him think without reforms he can win if HE says so:  HE demands that HE wins even before the elections took place?

Chamisa's press report today accuses Justice Chigumba of arrogance. But Chamisa himself is arrogant and it is for this reason he lost elections. It is Chamisa and his hooligans before the elections that arrogantly and rudely entered into Justice Chigumba's offices demanding to speak with her. We wonder still what could have happened if he was given presidential powers; what was going to be the life of women and girl-children in Zimbabwe under Chamisa's administration. His almost lethal treatment of Thokozani Khuphe during the funeral of Dr. Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, his treatment of Advocate Jessie Majome, and betting with his sister; if he loses the election he will hand over his sister to some overly Madala Mnangagwa leave us mum and speechless. Was Chamisa going to be our future leader in a globally growing economy that demands women's participation in all spheres of life?  

An audio went viral: it's of a woman who gave us eyewitness of what actually transpired on the 1st of August at the Harvest House. The death of six people should never be taken very lightly. We are deeply saddened by the untimely loss of young lives that day. This particular woman had heard about the demonstration that was to start at Harvest House and they would match to the ZEC offices. Upon arrival at Harvest House, she was wholly disturbed about the scuds of beer and cases of bottles of alcohol coming out of the Harvest House offices giving young people to drink so early in the morning. Not to pre-empt the findings of the police investigations into the deaths of 6 citizens; two of them women, it will be interesting to know who fuelled the crowd to violently demonstrate: meting carnage of destruction and looting, and they plundered shops indiscriminately. Were they given alcohol to demonstrate and bring down the government of Mnangagwa?

This Vanguard or secret army that belongs to Chamisa is a thug/mob that can be used and at the same breath discarded at any opportune time by their fuehrer Chamisa. Chamisa distanced himself from the demonstration that led to total chaos and innocent deaths in Harare downtown. In his famous bumper rallies, Chamisa warned us that he will make the country ungovernable: he will put Harare and Bulawayo to a stand-still upon his command if he does not win elections. These elections were for Chamisa alone it seems because we never were able to see the parliamentary candidate campaigning the way Chamisa did for his presidency hence they performed badly: came out with a paltry 66 seats. Was Chamisa going to form a working government with 66 members of parliament and 144 Zanu PF MPs in the opposition?

W saw the demise of Chamisa coming. Chamisa's ascendency to power was wholly unconstitutionally. But he demands constitutionality when it comes to presidential vote loss because it is about him and him alone. What goes around comes back, dear Chamisa. The way Chamisa treated Thokozani Khuphe should have given him a cue that it can also happen to him too: God for us all. Some of us women are happy that Chamisa did not make it to power. Chamisa's dispensation was going to be development in reverse. We shall not have an Israeli embassy in Harare, this would be to inviting Isis to come to revenge issues that have nothing to do with Zimbabwean people.   

President Mnangagwa is not the best choice if one comes from Mathebeleland. Mnangagwa is a devil we know, we shall be able to deal with him. We will demand from him to solve the Gugurahundi atrocities and put that history to rest. We shall demand devolution of power so that we can take our future into our hands and develop Mathebeleland ourselves. Chamisa is still growing up, we have seen what power does to him, and it disillusions him to the point of day-dreaming stories of Alice in Wonderland to the impoverished masses. Chamisa needed to eat that humble pie so that Thokozani has her last laugh. Chamisa is still young; he will learn many things from this experience. He must learn to respect women.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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