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Chamisa, stop playing with our hearts!

04 Aug 2018 at 20:28hrs | Views
These past weeks have been tumultuous, fast-paced and exciting. Finally we all had a glimpse at true democracy. For the first time since our independence, we saw with our own eyes what is normal in every modern society: a highly contested campaign, a peaceful duel of ideas and character, freedom of speech and assembly. We all felt that something new is starting, and that Zimbabwe is ready to move on towards a better future.

On election day, we were all elated. From every corner of the country, it was reported that the observers were happy with the voting procedures, virtually no one complained about the polling agents, nor about intimidation by party officials, and everyone was free to cast their vote fairly. There was a buzz of the beginning of a new era in the air.

Immediately, MDC-Alliance officials started to flood social media with claims, one more outrageous than the other, that they had resoundingly won the election. As ZEC was still busy counting, the MDC already resorted to the tactics of old, and started to build up expectations which were entirely based on wishful thinking. Instead of behaving like reasonable adults, they started acting like children in a candy store, jumping around and shouting that they want all the sweets now!

And until today, they haven't found their way back to reasonable debate. Instead of providing proof for their claims, they continue to just shout their allegations out. As the leader of the MDC-Alliance, Nelson Chamisa leads the choir. Why can't he raise concrete concerns, which can be judged in the Constitutional Court as well as in the court of public opinion?

There are only two options: Either he hopes that if he throws enough mud, in the end, something will stick. Or he is just counting on riling up the masses, until the international community intervenes (even though this has failed so far, as everyone from ZESN to the European Union has accepted the results, and neighbouring governments have congratulated President-elect ED).

Both options are cynical in the way they use the people as a card in the hand Nelson Chamisa is playing. We have had enough of leaders who use us for their own gains. Chamisa, show your evidence, settle your allegations in front of the courts, I promise you the whole world will be watching. But stop using us and playing with our hearts!!

Source - R. Mujuru
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