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If Mnangagwa is truly chosen by God, he should first confess his sins against Zimbabweans

12 Aug 2018 at 11:00hrs | Views
Zimbabwean president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has sought to justify his military-coup assisted ascendency to power by repeatedly claiming that he was chosen by Jehovah God to lead this nation - through his mantra, 'the voice of the people, is the voice of God'.

His assertion that the 'people' spoke, during the coup d'etat, is gravely misleading - as this was purely a military takeover, which resulted in the ousting of long-time tyrant Robert Gabriel Mugabe, and was erroneously supported by some sections of our nation.

Nonetheless, let us - just for argument's sake - assume that, indeed, Mnangagwa's takeover was truly the voice of God, as Jehovah had chosen him to lead this great nation.

A close and in-depth study of Jehovah's word contained in the Holy Bible, reveals that God chose those that He wanted to lead from people of all walks of life.

God never segregated the type of people He chose for His special assignments based on one's past or station in life.

In fact, some of the people that Jehovah chose had dubious backgrounds - such as murderers, tax collectors, and prostitutes - who were converted and became very powerful servants of God.

Notable names would be Moses - who had fled Egypt, as he had killed a soldier - then, there was Mary of Magdela - who had been a prostitute possessed by seven demons- and, of course, Paul - who was previously named Saul, and had been at the forefront of persecuting and killing Christians.

Therefore, I would personally not question whether Mnangagwa was chosen by Jehovah to lead Zimbabwe, purely based on his dubious past in ZANU PF.

However, there is a huge difference between the likes of Moses and Paul, as compared to Mnangagwa.

These truly chosen men of God did what is expected of everyone who seeks to be a follower of Jehovah - confessing their sins, and repenting.

There can never be a relationship between anyone and God without first confessing one's sins, and repenting from them.

Moses, who wrote the book of Exodus, openly made it clear that he had murdered an Egyptian soldier - and fearing for his life, had fled to a far away land - where he later had an encountered with God, who assigned him the mission to lead His people out of Egypt.

He even was very open about his bad temper, which inevitably led to him not being allowed by Jehovah to enter the 'Promised Land', as his anger issues had resulted in him disobeying God's instructions.

What is, however, clear is that, for Moses to be in a relationship with God, and therefore carry out his mission, he had to first be open and confess his sins.

The same goes for Paul, who previously as Saul, was the mastermind behind so much persecution and the most gruesome murder of numerous Christians - before his encounter with Jesus Christ, on his way to Damascus, where he intended to kill even more Believers.

Jesus made it clear at that time that Saul "was a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel..."

However, before Saul could commence his God-appointed work, he spent three days praying and confessing his sins - as a sign that he had received Christ Jesus in his life, and was acknowledging his waywards ways, in order to repent, so that he could be forgiven and take on his new life.

As soon as he had done that, Saul - who had assumed the name Paul - did not stop there in his confessions - but, also approached the other Apostles of Christ.

As can be ascertained from his Epistles in the New Testament, he even went further by preaching to everyone on how his life had been as Saul, the sinner, the evil he had committed against Christians, and how he encountered Jesus.

That is how someone truly chosen by God - and, who has accepted and received Jesus Christ - acts.

If one has genuinely repented of his or her sins, he or she is more than willing, and is comfortable with, giving a testimony and confessing his or her past life, and how they have changed.

Their change is actually the greatest testimony to the power and glory of God Almighty, and a truly repented person would be more than willing to tell everyone how Jehovah touched and changed their life.

This is what the nation of Zimbabwe expects from Mnangagwa, if he genuinely believes that he is chosen by Jehovah to lead this country.

He should be more than willing - just as Moses and Paul did - to openly confess and repent his past sins towards the people of Zimbabwe, and give a testimony as to the glory and power of God in his life.

Just as Paul, Mnangagwa should start off by confessing openly and honestly his role as security minister in the 1982 to 1987 heinous atrocities in the Midlands and Matebeleland provinces - which, witnessed the gruesome murder of over 20,000 innocent and unarmed men, women, and children.

He should also confess his role, or his party's, in the destruction of the country's economy, resulting in the untold suffering of millions of Zimbabweans.

Mnangagwa should also confess his role in the post-election violence that rocked the 2008 presidential plebiscite - in which then dictator Robert Gabriel Mugabe was defeated by opposition MDC's Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in the first round.

Furthermore, Mnangagwa should openly and honestly tell the nation who ordered the gunning down of unarmed protestors on 1 August 2018, and the alleged subsequent intimidation and beating up of people in residential areas, under the pretext that they had voted for the opposition.

The next thing for a truly God chosen person to do is to repent, and ask for forgiveness - even being prepared to offer restitution.

If he can do that, then the people of Zimbabwe may actually start believing that maybe he was chosen after all - although, there is need for more signs from both him and God to prove it.

Mnangagwa will need to exhibit in all his undertakings that he is putting Jehovah first, and all his actions have to give all the glory, not to himself or his party, but to God.

If he is truly chosen by God, everything Mnangagwa does should lead the nation closer towards Jehovah - not him and his ZANU PF party.

Nevertheless, let him first confess all his past and present transgressions against the people of Zimbabwe, and his commitment to repent his life.

Even the Bible makes it clear that we should confess our sins one to another, so that we may be healed.

Zimbabwe seriously needs healing, and a leader who was part of causing that pain and suffering should be at the forefront of this healing.

Confession of one's past is not about humiliation, neither is it about vengeance - but, solely about healing one's relationship with God and the people one has hurt.

Confessing one's sins, is not a sign of weakness, but a strength that shows that one has acknowledged his or her mistakes, and is serious about changing and making a fresh beginning - as long as this is sincere and coming straight from the heart.

A person who has been chosen by God, and has given his or her life completely to Him, possesses the Holy Spirit - who strengthens them with might in the inner man, such that they would no longer fear the repercussions of their past actions, but will leave everything in the hands of Jehovah, whilst, still acknowledging that he or she deserves any ramifications from their past.

Just as Paul, such a leader would be respected, and successful - for we serve a forgiving God, who has an abundant wealth of grace - but, that only comes after confession and repentance.

Anyone who is not courageous enough to do that, is not truly a chosen leader, and is also lying to the nation -  which would be expecting him or her to perform in ways that give glory to Jehovah God.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and speaker. He is the Programmes Director with the Zimbabwe Network for Social Justice (ZimJustice). Please feel free to email: Please also 'Like' the 'ZimJustice' page on Facebook.

Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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