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'Don't want to hear about election!' commanded Chiwenga - hoping to get away with rigging, not this time!

23 Aug 2018 at 12:30hrs | Views
After last November's military coup that ousted Robert Mugabe the incoming regime of the coup plotters went to town to assure everyone that the corrupt and tyrannical rule of Mugabe was over. Zimbabwe was a "new and democratic dispensation", we were told and to really steal the show the junta even promised to hold "free, fair and credible elections".

Promising to hold free, fair and credible elections was easy honouring that promise has proven a bridge too far!
"Muromo hauzarurwi nerwidzi!" (To those who only have to talk and not do anything, there is no such thing a flooded river they cannot cross!) so goes the Shona adage.

"We are happy that you voted for President-elect Mnangagwa, who will be the President of the country after the court (ConCourt) hearing tomorrow (yesterday). Nothing is going to change," said VP Chiwenga.

"Some of us no longer want to hear about elections. Elections are behind us."

There we go, dictating to all what we must think, say and do and when. Elections "are behind us" and we must all zip our mouths and quietly move on. After 38 years of dictatorial rule, that is one habit that the November coup has left untouched!

Well Mr Vice President, the elections were NOT free, fair and credible, the junta failed to keep its promise, and therefore elections are still on the national agenda. These elections were not free and fair because there was no free public media; 2 to 3 millions Zimbabweans in the diaspora (a very significant number considering 5 million voted in these elections) were denied a vote; ZEC failed to produce a verified voters roll; rural voters continued to be treated as serfs, they did not dare vote for anyone else other than Zanu PF; etc.

For the last 38 years Zanu PF has routinely rigged elections to stay in power at the cost of making Zimbabwe a de facto one party dictatorship and a pariah state. The country's economy has all but collapse because no investor, local or foreign, wants to do business in a pariah state. We have many Zimbabweans working outside the country and many running very successful business there because they even they found it hard to do so in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's economic recovery is of paramount importance and that will never happen as long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by vote rigging thugs.

After decades of riding roughshod over the people's basic freedoms and human rights denying them their right to a meaningful vote and even the right to life; this must now change.

What is behind us VP Chiwenga is the years of Zanu PF rigging elections and getting away with it. You and President Mnangagwa promised to hold free, fair and credible elections; you failed to do so.

The next logical step is for these flawed and illegal elections to be declared null and void and Zanu PF must step aside to allow the appointment of an interim administration that will IMPLEMENT the democratic reforms in preparation for the holding of the country's first free, fair and credible elections.    

Zimbabweans are sick and tired of corrupt and incompetent thugs who think they alone are the stockholders of Zimbabwe with a veto over everything whilst the rest of the populous are stakeholder with a worthless vote.

"Some of us no longer want to hear about elections!" you say! Well some of us no longer want to hear from thugs whose only claim to office is through military coups and rigged elections!

After 38 years of corrupt and tyrannical rule, the people of Zimbabwe now say to you, VP Chiwenga, President Mnangagwa and the rest of you vote rigging charlatans; "Go. In the name of God, just go! You have stayed your welcome for any good you have ever done! Be gone and let this great nation rise from these ruins you brought to live in pride and dignity!"

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