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Zimbabwe remains a pariah state, per se, 'forgiveness and unity' alone will never bring prosperity

27 Aug 2018 at 16:52hrs | Views
With the swearing in of the new President Mnangagwa now out of the way, Zanu PF's spin-doctors, propagandists and apologists are out in full force selling the new regime as the breath of fresh air! They have their work cut out, a skunk even one soaked in Channel 5, will never pass for a breath of fresh air - not for those who know a skunk when they see one!

"This election has been Zimbabwe's worst and most toxic with citizens insulting each other, but those who suffered the brunt of that negativity should forgive and move on," wrote Hopewell Chinono, a seasoned Mnangagwa spin-doctor and apologist.
"There is NO value to be gained dwelling on someone's weaknesses and their broken moral compass that resulted in insults instead of respectable and dignified debates.
"The greatest and better challenge is to provide a superior response and mature sense of understanding in pursuit of uniting our people."
He was repeating the same message President Mnangagwa himself gave in his inauguration speech last November and repeated yesterday - "let bygones be bygones, unity and lets move forward!" All absolute nonsense of course!

It was Winston Churchill who once said those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistake over and over again. He was right!

If there is one thing we, as a nation, have repeated over and over again is our failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. And the consequence of this failure is the nation being stuck with a corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF regime that has brought economic ruin and brought untold political oppression including the cold blooded murder of over 30 000 Zimbabweans.

Every time Zanu PF has rigged the elections, the party has mounted an all out offensive to convince everyone to bury the hatchet, unity and move forward. The reality is the nation never moved forward because it never learned the lessons of the rigged elections and so repeated the same mistakes over and over again.
"The greatest and better challenge is to provide a superior response and mature sense of understanding in pursuit of uniting our people." Chinono argue. What a foolish notions!
He wants the people to be united over the lie that these elections were free, fair and credible and Zimbabwe is now a healthy and functioning democracy?
Even if President Mnangagwa and his apologists brainwashed every Zimbabwean out there into believing last month's elections were free, fair and credible and Zimbabwe is a healthy and functional democracy; air brush all the historic facts of blatant vote rigging, failure to produce voters' roll, etc. What will that accomplish?

Nothing because the whole world already knows that the elections were rigged.

To prove Zimbabwe had turned a new leaf, a "new democratic dispensation", after the decades of Mugabe's corrupt and tyrannical rule, President Mnangagwa promised to hold free, fair and credible elections. This should have been an easy promise for him to keep after all he is the one who had been rigging elections for Mugabe.
Some dirty habits are hard to stop and others are impossible to stop. Asking Mnangagwa to stop rigging elections was an impossible ask, it came to him as instinctively as the stench to the skunk!
The world was particularly cheesed off with President Mnangagwa and his junta. Many people had given the regime the benefit of the doubt with all "new dispensation" and "Zimbabwe is open for business!" talk. These people now rightly feel that they were cheated after the regime's volte face to blatantly rig the elections!

As much as the whole nation would wish to move forward and build a better Zimbabwe the truth is the nation is stuck. By blatantly rigging the elections President Mnangagwa has just confirmed Zimbabwe is a pariah state. Only a fool would want to invest their money in a country whose next regime change is yet another military coup or violent street protests. Investors are not fools!

"There are many people who will find it hard to get off their toxic electoral ships, the best course to take is to simply avoid them and not give their toxicity any relevance by responding to unproductive discourse," continued Chinono.

The Zanu PF apologists in Herald House and at ZBC do not need an prompting from you Chinono to shut out all dissent voices. They have done this for the last 38 years and, with no meaningful democratic reforms, are set to continue.

"Unity of purpose is a must and without a sense of purpose, we will remain doomed and a pariah State," he concluded.

We are a pariah state already, have been for the last 38 years, and no amount of coercion to force people to believe otherwise will change that political reality! As long as we failed to exorcise the vote rigging demons Zimbabwe will remain a pariah state with the economic mess and political paralysis befitting a failed pariah state!

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