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Mugabe endorses rigged elections as 'will of the people' after ED guarantees of fabulous wealth

08 Sep 2018 at 06:32hrs | Views
 A team of top notch scientists must be dispatched immediately to Blue Roof Mansion, Harare; the task is to take and test blood samples, urine samples, test all medicine, perfume, test all the food and drinks, water, air, everything. There can be no doubt that both Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace are under the spell of some hallucinogenic drug(s). The two have started hallucinating, again!

All these years people thought the two were addicted to absolute power, a very powerful and highly addictive drug in its own right. The two had tasted absolute power and their hooked for life, the more power they had the more they wanted. Even when it became increasingly obvious that power was slipping out of Mugabe's hands he tried desperately to hang on.

"Baba vanovata rimwe ziso rakasvunura!" (My husband now sleeps with one eye open!) Grace Mugabe confessed in September last year. She was talking about how fearful the two were of someone staging a military coup and wrestle absolute power out of their hands.

Lo behold, their worst nightmare did come true on the earlier hours of the morning of 15 November 2017; the couple were rudely awakened looking up the business end of an AK 47 rifle. Mugabe must have had his bad eye open! A few days later Mugabe signed his resignation letter as the men and women who had cowed before for 37 years were all taking turns to public denounce him and were now keen as mustard to have him impeached.

After nine months cooling off period, one had hope that Mugabe and his wife had used the time to reflect on chaos, suffering and deaths their reign of terror fuelled by their insatiable greed for absolute power and all the influence and wealth it brought, had visited on the nation. It is very disappointing therefore to discover they are back wittering the same nonsense, proof they are high on some hallucinogenic drug(s) again.

"Former President Robert Mugabe yesterday implored the nation to rally behind President Mnangagwa, saying his election victory in the July 30 harmonised elections legitimised his leadership. The remarks by the ex-president were buttressed by his wife, Grace, who said they would pray for President Mnangagwa as his leadership was God-given," reported The Herald.

"There was an election, Zanu-PF was represented by Emmerson Mnangagwa and (Nelson) Chamisa represented MDC-Alliance and results came out saying the person who won was Emmerson Mnangagwa and I said zvava mugwara zvino," said Mr Mugabe.

"We have accepted the result and we hope that we will continue respecting the will of the people. The gun does not and should not lead politics."

What is the idiot blabbering about! The elections were rigged and he, of all the people, knows it!

Mugabe's fear of a coup was completely justified as the November coup was the second one. The first coup in 2008 was staged by the same dirty dozen led by the same person, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to deny Tsvangirai and his MDC followers getting into power after Tsvangirai polled 73%, by Mugabe's own Freudian slip, in the March election.

Mugabe bribed Tsvangirai and company to make sure not even one reform was implemented during the 2008 to 2013 GNU. With not even one reform in place everyone knew Zanu PF will keep on blatantly rigging the elections and that is exactly what happed in 2013 and again this year. You, Mr Mugabe, and your Zanu PF party have stayed in power these last 38 years because you have blatantly rigged the elections. It is an insult that you should insist this was "the will of the people!"

Zimbabwe is in this serious economic mess with unemployment a dizzying 90% and ¾ of our people now living on US$1.00 or less a day because the nation has been stuck with a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship for 38 years and counting. As long as nothing is done to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections it is clear the thugs will be ruling this nation for many, many more decades yet! There will be no meaningful economic recovery because investors and lenders will stay away; they do not do business with thugs.

"We used to travel using commercial flights during our tenure as the First Family. That has changed. President Mnangagwa charters a flight. It just takes us a phone call. It was a beautiful plane, a brand new Gulfstream 650 from Qatar," said Grace Mugabe. She was praising Mnangagwa for chartering a plane to fly her back home from Singapore.

"If I get rich I will buy such an aircraft. I have never boarded such a plane. The crew told me that I was the first person to board it. It is my dream plane. I felt comforted. VaMnangagwa comforted me. If it takes my mother's death for us to restore our old friendship, then let it be.

"VaMnangagwa loves us. He knows we love him too. We pray for him because it is God's will that he is President of the country. We pray that he be given the wisdom to lead the country."

Of course, Grace was hallucinating. The $1.4 millions wasted on the chartered plane should have been used to buy live saving drugs for the 100 000 babies now dying for lack of very basic medicines. How can making a foolish decision defying all logic be judged wisdom and "God's will"?

Both Robert Mugabe and his wife's hatred of first Joice Mujuru and then Emmerson Mnangagwa was total to the point of wishing the two dead whilst they were considered a threat to the president. It was a very bitter pill to swallow when Mnangagwa did seize power.

Still the two have since recovered to not only accept Mnangagwa as president but to even publicly defend the vote rigging and de facto one party dictatorship. The secret to this change of heart: they have now received concrete guarantees from President Mnangagwa that their fabulous wealth and luxurious lifestyle is secure.

The moral of this story is; our ruling elite are not just addicted to absolute power they are equally drunk and addicted to the fabulous wealth and the life of leisure and luxury. If we are serious about ending the scourge of vote rigging then we must also dispossess the filthy rich of their ill got wealth and give it back to its rightful owners – the impoverish masses. As long as we allow the rich to keep their wealth they are certain to use it to fight against all efforts to bring about any meaningful democratic change.

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