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Elections were rigged: Chamisa's presidential claim is as nonsensical as ED's - 2 nonsense don't make a right

03 Oct 2018 at 16:00hrs | Views
Nelson Chamisa is now a real pain in the backside of the nation! He is like the High School boy you agree to dance with and the next thing he is telling everyone you are his girlfriend!

Whilst most people; notably the western democratic nations, the major financial institutions like IMF, WB and Paris Club; agree that Zanu PF rigged. If Zanu PF rigged the elections, the regime is, per se, illegitimate and the logical course of action is to stop supporting the regime and pressure it to step down. What the pretentious Chamisa is doing in mudding the waters by claiming he should be president.

"We are going to execute our plans in peace and quiet. Mnangagwa was saying I should go to Parliament. I was not elected to go to Parliament. When I came to Zimbabweans, I said to them, please, give me a chance to go to State House," Chamisa told his supporters.

"The voters gave me the keys to State House, but the keys were stolen. We want our keys back. But for us to get these keys, we need strategic planning of the highest order so that we can do our things in peace and quiet. There is no army, no gun or weapon that can destroy anything whose time has come. So we are planning, plans that are smart and we hope that with your ideas, things will move smoothly."

This is just nonsense!

One of the blatant vote rigging acts by Zanu PF was to deny 2 to 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora a vote. During his recent visit to the USA President Mnangagwa said his government will put the logistics in place to ensure those in the diaspora are allowed to vote next time – proof the denial was a calculated and deliberate act.

If the regime has the resources to buy all the 282 Chiefs, 350 Zanu PF parliamentary and senatorial candidates, party leaders, etc. costing one billion dollars plus; it is an insult for the regime to say it has no resources to allow those in the diaspora to vote. It was suggested that those in the diaspora should be charged $20 or so to cover all the expense, that would have pay for all the cost. Still Zanu PF refused to take the offer.

The results of the 30 July 2018 elections showed that there was multiple voting, for example. There were 16 polling stations in which two or more station within a driving distance apart had exactly the same total number of ballots cast and Mnangagwa and Chamisa each received exactly the same votes.

No doubt a close examination of the voters' roll and other supporting documents at these 16 polling stations would have provided the conclusive evidence of multiple voting. The Con-Court foiled Chamisa and his legal team's bid to subpoena the sealed ballot boxes.

Mnangagwa's claim to have won the elections when there is clear evidence that some of the 2.4 million voters he claims voted for him are clearly fictitious. And, worse still, when the number of those in the diaspora he denied the vote excess those he claims voted for him!
Chamisa's claim to the presidency is very presumptuous! He presumes that those in the diaspora denied the vote would have voted for him. He presumes to know to know how many of the fictitious votes were cast that he received more than the 50% plus one to be declared the winner!

Even if the nation was to be so naïve and gullible as to believe all these nonsensical claims by Chamisa and awarded him the presidency; there is still the problem of the 2/3 Zanu PF parliamentary and senatorial majority. A Chamisa president with Zanu PF dominated parliament will constitute the most dysfunctional government Zimbabwe has ever had!

The President Chamisa led dysfunctional government will NOT implement even one democratic reform and so we can be certain the next elections, in 2023, will be rigged putting us back to where we are today.
These recent elections should have never gone ahead without first implementing the democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging elections. The elections went ahead with no reforms in place because Chamisa and his MDC Alliance friends would not listen and now they are pushing for a dead-end solution to the political impasse of the rigged elections. We must dismiss Chamisa's proposal for him to be president with the contempt is deserves!

After 38 years of rigged elections followed by five years of corrupt and tyrannical rule, we must pursue a course of action designed to end this insanity once and once for all!

Zanu PF rigged the 30 July 2018 elections, the regime is illegitimate and it must be pressured to step down. Zimbabwe must then appoint an interim administration tasked to implement the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorial autocracy Zanu PF imposed on the nation and replace it with a healthy and functional democratic institutions.

Without failure, Zimbabwe's next elections must be free, fair and credible and no more of these cursed rigged elections!

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