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To reset Zimbabwe, Stop queueing for anything

03 Oct 2018 at 18:22hrs | Views
Thank you Nomazulu Thata, although we have never met, people like you give me hope for Zimbabwe. It is a good feeling to know there are still good Zimbabweans out there.

Honestly, with all the 96 percent literacy rate we boast about, one wonders why there are no common-sense solutions to some of the basic problems we are facing in Zimbabwe. In a country endowed with abundant natural organic food like manhanga, why would we make such a big deal about price increase of refined foods that are killing us anyway?

When it comes to prices anyway, why are we not guided by the most basic economic law? the law of supply and demand.  We all know, supply and demand pull against each other until prices stabilize. Now the shortage of junk foods like bread is making headlines, why? Simply this is due to our reactionary behavior.

Honestly Zimbabwe, should we be making noise about bread price / shortage? This is food that is not good for us in the first place (please read Nomazulu Thata's article). This is bad food yet we wake up in the wee hours to queue for it. What exactly do people expect the bakeries to do? You have unnecessarily queued for this junk food.

Please someone help me understand, as you stand on that queue, what is going through your mind? Are you trying to buy as much bread as you can before prices increase? Please help me because common sense tells us that these queues are creating artificial shortages and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, are forcing price increases.

So, bottom line, whatever reason you have for jumping onto that queue, you are exasperating the situation. Missing bread on your diet will not kill you but will only help you. It will help you save money and it will help your healthy. Next time you see a bread queue, please walk away and you will be doing yourself and the country a favor.

Let us Reset! Let us stop queuing for anything, this will only help stabilize whatever problem it is that we are trying to solve. Standing in a queue for hours or days for anything will not solve your problem but exasperate it. Think hard before you jump on a queue next time.

As for breakfast, I have a few suggestions. Let us find alternatives to the junk food: try banana and peanut butter? That is one healthy combination and we have too much of those two products in Zimbabwe anywhere. The last time I checked, a dollar will buy you 30 bananas. Why not replace bread with lettuce leaves? Take your fried egg, tomatoes and onions and lay it on top of two green spinach leaves, add avocado to it! healthy and yummy!

Source - Sam Wezhira
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