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RBZ stop illegal forex dealings

17 Oct 2018 at 17:36hrs | Views

We have already plunged into 2008 demise where RBZ is printing out the bond notes and exchange them for foreign currency at black market.

May I challenge Panonetsa Mangudya to respond to the following questions. Who are these people who move in expensive vehicles fully loaded with brand new bond notes exchanging them for foreign currency? Where do they get such newly printed notes and by whose authority? They go everywhere where there are money changers even as far as Ngundu BC and Beitbridge.

Mangudya you can't fool all the people all the time.

It's now an open secret that sour exchange rates is being fueled by our own RBZ and it's officials. It's embarrassing and a bitter pill to swallow that our guards of the national treasure needs someone to guard their actions too. They have become enemy of progress. You are punishing the poor whom you say voted for you. Why do you punish the citizens.

President, the culprits are in the room next to you. We see them, it's happening. If you really mean it that you want to deal with this cancer, batai munhu, (Panonetsa). If this is happening behind your back these are those whom you say are a threat to national security. If it is happening with your knowledge then this is another moment of madness. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans, they may not remain quite for long.

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Source - Isaac Nkomah
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