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Why did you fire Lumumba?

25 Oct 2018 at 09:34hrs | Views
Zimbabweans are asking the ZANU-PF government why did they fire Lumumba. Is it employment procedures or what he did after hired?

If employment procedures were not properly followed, why did you wait until he dropped a nuclear bomb that shook Hiroshima and Nagasaki in ZANU pf chambers.

In corruption ridden nation like ours, we like the likes of Lumumba who let the cat out of the bag with no fear or favour.

As for Mangudya, are you telling the nation that for the past five years, all these treasonous transactions were happening under your nose without a hint of it. You vehemently denying these allegations as they came most of the time. Why?

If this had happened in other nations like RSA, UK or USA, we would have witnessed a string of resignations.

To you Zimbabweans, this the party that we voted into power. To loot the national resources and leave us in dire poverty. Empty threats is the talk of the day.

Source - Isaac Nkomah
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