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ZNA August 1 murders questions!

12 Nov 2018 at 18:58hrs | Views
The ZRP Police Commissioner has told the International Inquiry into the ZNA murders of civilians that he asked the VP to deploy the Army because ZRP thought the demonstrators wanted to march to State House. This is not  good enough an explanation. Chiwenga was and is merely a VP, not the President!!! The ZRP is the custodian of the Constitution and must know it by heart even when asleep!!!

Below is a question that answers why  Chiwenga is the one who was asked and agreed to deploy the ZNA in the streets.

According to the law and regulations, if they exist, what is the protocol of deployment of the Army into the streets?

Is it not the duty of the President to deploy the Army to stop disorder on the country when the police gets overwhelmed?

Why did the ZRP go to Chiwenga instead of the President? Was Mnangagwa not in the country? Was Mnangagwa temporarily  incapacitated with an unreported illness?

Was Chiwenga and the ZRP shielding the president from blame should the exercise go horribly wrong as it did?

Assuming ZRP approached Chiwenga because he was Defence Minister, does ZRP Commissioner and Defence Minister deploy ZNA on their own without consulting the president and the other VP?

Was the ZNA Commander consulted? How about the ZDF commander? Who in the ZDF / ZNA was ordered by Chiwenga and ZRP Commissioner to get the Army into the streets?
Did the ZRP contact the state president?

At what time did the ZRP consult the Minister if Home Affairs? We dont hear anything about the Minister the ZRP Commissioner answers to? Does it mean that the then Minister was also incapacitated or is irrelevant in the eyes of the ZRP and Chiwenga?

Where was the president when the Army hit the streets? At State House? In bed? Hospital? Hiding?

Was the Army ordered to fire live bullets in the streets?

Why did the ZDF not immediately withdraw the ZNA from the streets if it had been unconstitutionally deployed?

Who was responsible of the exercise on the streets? Did the soldiers get orders from immediate leaders or from Chiwenga?

At what point did President Mnangagwa know that the Army was in the streets? Was Mnangagwa indeed incapacitated to handle the unfolding crisis? Had there been an unconstitutional friendly arrangement between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga for Chiwenga to take over presidential leadership when Mnangagwa had taken medication due to being unwell and consequently Chiwenga overstepped his assumed role?

How many soldiers actually killed civilians? Which ZNA battalion was deployed? Is there a specific battalion that has to deal with such issues?

Who is the Commander of the battalion that was deployed? Was he really ordered by Chiwenga to deploy his charges into the streets?

Who consequently pulled out the Army? Why?

 Above all, such constitutional orders are not given over the telephone, where is the paperwork trail to show who gave what orders and did what at what time???

Source - Ndaba Nhuku
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