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Underestimated Way to Success

13 Dec 2018 at 09:47hrs | Views
Aldreen T. Munyoro belongs to the generation of 'purpose driven' young people in Zimbabwe, who, despite awkward circumstances in life are full of optimism. The twenty-one year old National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Quantity Surveying student published his first motivational book, Underestimated Way to Success joining other Nustinians in the world of Christian motivational speaking and writing. The 106 page book is an easy read with only three broad chapters from which the author is always pushing the 'optimism button' to the reader. Other champions of professional speaking and writing endorsed this 2018 publication, who include Dr. Charles Mugaviri, Blessing Mandipira, Dr. Fungai Mutisi and Pastor Daniel Hamandishe.

The first chapter of the book offers an INTRODUCTION TO SELF-ACTUALISATION. Discovering the ability in the self is viewed as a candle which lights desire and aiming higher in whatever one is good at in life. The problem identified by Munyoro as 'tragedy' is that of 'living a life without a purpose' as well noted by Myles Munroe another giant in the motivational speaking and writing. God becomes the foundation in this soul searching zone. More articulated is that beyond everyone's plans is God's purpose which prevails (p.34).

Chapter two takes the reader into GENERATING A POSITIVE MIND. Developing from Stephen Covey's nuggets of change, choice and principles, the author guides the reader into practical steps/principles for making the 'optimism button' a success. The Biblical Pauline sports analogy found in the New Testament is well deployed for everyone who envisions success and a life of purpose through what Munyoro calls the 'principle of chasing' (p.80).  More interesting is how Munyoro takes the reader into Zimbabwe crisis, paying attention to his own experiences from the year 2008. Instead of being afraid of scarcity, emphasis is made on how one can multiply that which you have. To entrepreneurs, the chapter aptly addresses the hurdles one encounters and how to navigate with positive results.

The third chapter is on hope and optimism, THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Munyoro posits real life circumstances from which distractions 'underestimated' and disappointments manifest in the success journey. In order to manage societal disturbances, the self is upheld in such a way that God can play His part. Despite various challenges people in Zimbabwe face in everyday life, Munyoro raises the optimism bar, having faith and hope in God. For one to stand and shine, there is need to work hard as well (p.106).

However, Munyoro demonstrated to be well-versed with international motivational readings outside Zimbabwe and citing only one local motivational author may appear not much. Nonetheless, this is a welcome contribution to Christian motivational writing, feeding into the young rising authors and speakers such as Simba Nyamadzawo, Ralph Kadurira "#PurposeDriven," Frank Nyamundero among many others. The book is indeed a worth read for aspiring young authors and those with a desire to remain focused as they journey to their success. From the reading, it appears this is not the last book from the author.

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