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'New dispensation': Cosmetic democracy

18 Dec 2018 at 11:52hrs | Views
It is one year since the so called 'new dispensation' became the new coined term from the same old guard. The internecine fights within Zanu pf were all about one group consolidating their grip on power, it was never about turning Zimbabwe's economy around .

It is now one year since the removal of one dictator and replacing him with another who comes with false hopes. Yes, false hopes! Zimbabweans scattered around the world were optimistic this was democracy, for years a myth in Zimbabwe. Munangagwa took advantage of desperate Zimbabweans and promised things he has failed to fulfill in his few months in power yet he has been endorsed for 2023 elections!

Mugabe had nurtured corruption and nepotism as a form of keeping Zanu pf in power. On the other hand Munangagwa has promised to fight corruption, albeit with words only. Corruption is Zanu pf, and Zanu pf is corruption so how is he going to tame the scourge?

Munangagwa came with a promise of reforms. There has been need of reforms in the security, electoral, media and so on but he has been sweet with words falling short on delivery .

While Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into a police state his successor has turned it into a military state. Munangagwa says he is going left but he turns right. A look at the Junta frontman shows he is even worse than his predecessor. He appointed a rogue militia thug from the Midlands to head National Security and we say he is a man different from the deposed dictator?

All the optimistic feelings fizzled out as it became clear it was not about turning Zimbabwe back on track. In a few months in power he has increased his security details what irony for a man "voted by ZEC" into power. He has surrounded himself with people he assumes pose no threat to his power just the way his predecessor operated, typical dictators style copied from Ghaddaffi hand book .

He thinks not celebrating his birthday shows he is going to save taxpayers money yet he goes on to buy a fleet of cars for a bloated non performing cabinet. The Zanu-PF conference in Esigodoni is just mockery to the suffering Zimbabweans.They have held conferences from one town to the other and the outcome is for all to see, a party of jesters feasting while the economy is worsening each passing day .

Imagine the President setting goals for 2030 yet all those goals were promised by the same party in 1980.It is a party of goals but none is achieved, a party of false hopes.

As a new year comes so will be more promises from the Junta frontman. Mega deals will be announced by Zanu-PF's Pravida mouthpieces. A thousand jobs will be promised, cash shortages eased, forex will be in abundance. All this will be promised and made headlines while the economy ship continues to steer in rough waters.

Source - AT Kadada
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