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The Pains and Effects of ZanuPF Lies

09 Jan 2019 at 13:34hrs | Views
Maybe lies have succeeded somewhere but they can never produce permanent success unless acknowledged, confessed and their effects redressed at the necessary cost. This might sound meaningless but what we are witnessing now in our country Zimbabwe is an eye opener to this truth.

Lies are just lies even if one militarily enforces them. Their victory or success is short lived. The plight of teachers and other civil servants is a direct result of ZanuPF's lies. ZanuPF lied and said there was in Zimbabwe a  socio-political new dispensation.  The idea of a new scenario in any situation gives some hope for the better. To a teacher today, this has just meant that one`s buying power suddenly went down 4 or 5 times! The situation is happening in reality every day.

Teachers and everyone are feeling the economic lie that a US dollar is equal to a valueless bond so when their salaries are given, it is violently enforced  as of the same value.  The situation is real on the ground. The bond is only a fifth of the actual US dollar. Banks confirm this as they will never give workers US dollars even if they know that the value of a bond is cruelly far less. The Vice-President with his vast ``knowledge" or " noreji" believes that cries  for deliverance out of this dehumanizing situation by teachers are not called for. Is it sane really for any individual to fail to see that suddenly reducing 600 dollars to 200 dollars is an economic crime?

ZanuPF's  blind adherence to a now anachronistic Maoist theory that they are the "fish and the people are the water" is now faced with realities of  life. In fact their theory has been gradually polluted by imperialist inspired rapacity over the years to a point where it is now their vicious strategy of repression and all sorts of socio-economic atrocities.   More and more of their own are also becoming that "water" while fewer and fewer are remaining the "fish" only because they are armed or backed by the army.  Grossly underpaid teachers will not work as expected. Only a fool will believe that they will dedicate themselves while they are threatened by starvation, outright poverty and social ridicule. Hence the real victims are the learners.

Doctors have rejected all lies. They have defied the threats and they have endured all the pains of watching their call to the profession being thrown into disrepute by the ZanuPF backed military junta. It is not only unconstitutional to adopt ``a mother -child situation`` with professionals as Auxillia tried to do, but it is primitively a fallacious gesture hypocritically aiming to show some motherhood. The children of these doctors and the teachers need food and it is not there. Period.  Mothers and fathers must provide for their children.

Finally the future can only change if ZanuPF abandons its lies. Rolling the tanks onto the streets of the capital to impose a faction of the 40 years dictatorship, mowing down demonstrators in Harare and soliciting some support from some neo-colonialists will only perpetuate the suffering of the people.  The plight of teachers, other civil servants and that of more Zimbabweans who perish un noticed has to be addressed.  If those in the position  to do so cannot, then it is only fair for them to let people with the capacity to change the situation do so.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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