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ED Mnangagwa will not hatch chickens from fried eggs

10 Jan 2019 at 11:22hrs | Views
President Emmerson Munangagwa managed to openly rig the forgone polls, in a daylight robbery. All his political life after independence crocodile has waited patiently, worked meticulously carving his way to ultimately succeed RG Mugabe.  In 2018, Mugabe sensing a possible takeover jumped the gun to fire ED from both government and party. Attempts to also arrest Chiwenga precipitated the half-baked coup in the making. Citizens of Zimbabwe were told at 24 November midnight by the army the army was intervening in Zanu pf party politics to "restore legacy". The army had on numerous occasions denied meddling in Zanu pf politics. So the army here openly intervened in partisan party politics, openly showing their affiliation with Zanu PF. Zimbabwe Security forces have a history of intervening in polls through terrorising the electorate and torturing members of the opposition during election periods. The army has participated in everything immoral on behalf Zanu Pf for the party  to remain and retain power. During the coup, the army invited and allowed citizens to protest against RG Mugabe for him to step down.

Without questioning the logic, many Zimbabweans irrationally joined hands with the same army that had previously been oppressing them in a march to dislodge their former dear leader. Zimbabwe's streets were full of people demanding that RG Mugabe should immediately resign. Blindly protesting Zimbabweans had no plans as to what should be done as soon as Mugabe budges and agree to leave office. The army though, had plans but did not disclose it to the imprudent protesting Zimbabweans at this critical stage.  Zimbabweans had wanted for long to march to chase RG Mugabe from office. The army had always stood in the way of the disgruntled Zimbabweans' way promising to ruthlessly deal with such an industrial action. ED Mnangagwa and the heads of the military knew this fact for sure and used it for their benefit. So the army allowed people to march and then they showed RG Mugabe, then under under house arrest,  pictures of the protesting masses. They told the man that they will not stop the protesting masses until they reach Blue Roof, Mugabe's residence. Fearing what happened to Gaddafi might happen to him, Mugabe signed the resignation papers.

Ill-advised Zimbabweans rejoiced wildly while in the background to all this, the legendary song, Kutonga Kwaro Gamba, was playing.
The Zimbabweans would soon awake to learn that they had been manipulated and exploited when Zanu pf would soon convene haste, ill organised and predetermined congress to merely endorse ED Mnangagwa as president, excluding all other parties and civic organisations that had taken party in the protest. Zimbabweans were further shocked, outraged or even traumatized when the leaders of the army and coup were soon appointed as ministers and openly and shamelessly declared long perceived loyalty to Zanu pf that they had earlier concealed. This is Africa. Anything goes.

When it comes to hope, any hope, Zimbabweans are talented. Sometime they hoped pure diesel would just usher from a stone. I was surprised when others hoped ED Mnangagwa would work to improve the economy for the better of everyone.  As usual the state media was quick to choir praises about ED. Our ears got filled and overflowed though nothing was really happening on the ground.
"He is a shrewd businessman" it was said. "He is going to turn around the economy. This is entirely a new dispensation the RG Mugabe era is gone. Forget the past Zimbabweans" were told.  It was signing of one mega deal after another on ZBC TV. Up to now nothing has materialised.

But sensible people were looking for real change. There was none. The state media got even more entrenched into the hands of Zanu Pf than it was under Mugabe. The same corrupt people remained in government and continued where they left in the old new dispensation. The economy didnt get better, actually it got worse by the hour. Then state media began urging the nation to give ED a chance, rather than he give people a chance. But more companies were closing down in an unabating socio, economic and political crisis.

By the time of the election, having clearly seen how incompetent the man was, people only wanted change. Cunning is an understatement if we have to describe how the entire election process was handled by the same government. The nation was actually waylaid and ruthlessly robbed and it's will, blatantly raped by ED and his cruel party. The July 31th election was a total sham. The recourse process would remove any doubt that the Zanu pf government controlled and handles even the apex of the judiciary.

Disgruntled citizens who tried to protest the unfairness the poll process were shot at in broad daylight by the ruling military government's army. The military government tried in vain to label the protestors as MDC opposition members. During the rundown to elections the state media was happy to say Zimbabwe has many opposition parties. But soon after the election violence they stupidly tried to associate the protestors with only a single political party. Post mortems of the injured and deceased were tempered with by the secret service in bid to destroy and falsify evidence. We were left with no doubt that the Zimbabwean government was a thuggish government, led by an accomplished crook.

The mandate which ED Mnangagwa and the current Zanu PF government, was extorted from the people, he was not given. ED Mnangagwa will continue to force himself on the Zimbabwean people as he had been all along during what he calls the old dispensation. The standard of life of the people has significantly reduced. ED realises this but he wants to attribute the cause to some distant nations. When even Strive Masiyiwa urged the removal of sanctions he torched a storm. Many Zimbabweans previously held Masiyiwa with deep respect and admiration, and I have never seen anyone's respect wane in the shortest possible time. Econet boss just didn't talk about corruption so rampant in Zimbabwe, he only talked about sanctions.  Many Zimbabweans think the major cause of our economic turmoil is corruption and malgovernance. We have adequate resources to power our economy but what we don't have is political will to improve economy. There is also no reason to extend credit to Zimbabwe if Zimbabwe is not going to use that money to improve the life of the ordinary Zimbabwean. Loans given to Zimbabwe will be better accounted for if the politics is transparent. In the end it is the oppressed Zimbabwean who will repay the loans through taxation. How can ordinary Zimbabweans  be forced to payback something consumed by the wicked politicians themselves, with Zanu PF majority in parliament, debts poorly formulated and accrued debts can easily be transferred to citizens.

Also Democratic governments simply don't give loans to mercenaries' governments. They are afraid they might not recover even a cent. The current Zimbabwe government is a mercenary one.

Every sector of Zimbabwe is in dire straits….. Hospitals have no personnel and drugs, civil servants are seriously underpaid and currently on strike, there is no cash in the banks, prices are increasing frequently, there is fuel shortages and long queues. Unemployment is still high and with many companies scaling down or closing down entirely, its bound to increase. There is nothing right in Zimbabwe but I don't see someone resigning. This is shocking. More disturbing is that though ED has completely failed to turn around the economy, when the crisis is actually still worsening…there are some who are already endorsing him to run for 2023. Is this a nightmare we will wake up from…

Despite evident economic rundown ED is still in denial that the bad economic condition prevailing have been precipitated by his government's unsound policies and unchecked corruption. The economy is in total disarray. ED cannot hatch chickens from fried egg. If he has people of Zimbabwe at heart he has to let go and throw in the towel. On the other hand opposition party is nagging the failed government to hold talks. The failed government in its pride is seeing no need for these talks. It has clearly insisted that it wont hold talks with losers. It seems like the opposition wants to save ED from humiliation and hold talks so that it wont be apparent that Zanu PF has failed. Our opposition to love Zanu PF and will not wait for it to admit failure. Many are afraid that the opposition is extending an olive branch to a crumbling government so that it regroups and emerge stronger, like in 2008 GNU. Left alone Zanu PF will admit the already evident failure or citizens will force it out through unrests and protests, whichever comes first.

Many are sure about this, there is no improvement whatsoever expected at the hands of a crooked government of ED that is only full of crooks. The situation is just going to continue deteriorating at the hands these anti-heroes. It would awe me if Zimbabweans would still continue to be patient…

Anyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come to the light, the LORD said this. With the tightly controlled state media deliberately ignoring the corruption and bad deeds of the government, the citizens are in darkness as to the corruption drama going on. With media lights turned off government officials freely engage in corrupt activities. In its bid to exclusively use state media to maintain Zanu PF domination and edge out other political opponents, corrupt government officials have found a haven to freely loot and bleed the economy, absolutely scot-free. Efforts to weed out corruption start with truthful reporting, naming and shaming corrupt individuals. However state media is being used for Zanu PF political mileage only, and has turned a blind eye on corruption and misgovernance. Hence the government has not been sincere in its efforts to fight corruption. Even if sanctions are relaxed we don't expect the economy to improve, we only will see same corrupt Zanu PF senior government officials getting far richer. Over the years, Numerous audit reports exposed corrupt practices by senior government officials but these have been totally disregarded. As opposed to Strive Masiyiwa, we maintain that corruption is the largest ill that bedevils the country, and ED himself has been said to be implicit in most the worst ever mentioned corrupt deals. ED himself was named in the UN report of the people who looted the DRC diamonds during the DRC war. When the core is rotten, the whole fruit is rotten too.

The Zimbabweans march to demand an end the despotic government is still due. We Zimbabweans have endured much at the hands of the unsympathetic Zanu PF. Zimbabweans will find themselves walking to neighbouring countries to find work and food if the current instability is ignored. Yes it will soon come to that. Rather than walk to South Africa, people should march to State house and give the ruling criminals their marching orders and then begin cleansing of the system. Zimbabweans cant look up to anyone to bring change for them, not even to SADC, EU nor USA. The cruel rule of the game says, "only people of the country can bring regime change to that country".

Rather than fight each in fuel queues people of Zimbabwe have a right to confront government and cancel the existing social contract, because it is no longer of use to them. They have every right to do so.

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Source - Zanda Shumba
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