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Social media, a blessing or curse?

13 Jan 2019 at 09:40hrs | Views
Social media, its a free for all with gossipers, rumour mongers, 'tweemboz and netizens' all trying to bring out the supposedly scoop on breaking news. Despite the whispering  from the sixth sense, stories are made out with a great desire to create mayhem in the country.

Dates and days of 'false shutdowns' are thrown about on Whatsapp with reckless abandon consuming people's data in the process.

Many forget that the informal sector is the biggest employer at the moment and that every cent counts, time is money. Leaving my micro-business corner at Coca-cola unattended, for what? My kids need school books and food on the table aaah please, may God help us.

Most of those calling for shutdowns are outside Zimbabwe where they are working daily to survive yet they ask those at home to shut down, what hypocrisy? My cousin is a 'gweja' in the midlands, his wife runs a market stall at Mupedzanhamo, someone wants both to 'shutdown' and  not work.

Are we helping ourselves or we are destroying ourselves? The instigators want others to close (except beer outlets) yet they remain busy at their work stations. How does that help the majority? The tobacco selling season is inching closer we need a smooth selling season.

My small plot in Matepatepa needs to be tended and here is someone asking me to shut down. Idling about is not a favourite hobby for Zimbabweans who are known for their hospitality and hard work.

Tondorindo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondorindo
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