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SADC want Chamisa to lead new GNU - idiotic and dangerous fixation with recycling same deadwood

15 Jan 2019 at 20:13hrs | Views
"A reliable source in the MDC standing committee who spoke to us on condition of anonymity revealed to us that the meeting between Ramaphosa and Chamisa was one of the series of meetings that have been held behind the scenes," reported Bulawayo24

"The meeting that the President had with Ramaphosa was not the first one. The President has met with him before and a number of African leaders. A deal was struck that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team should retire from running the country and a transitional authority takes over. The Authority will include president Chamisa at its helm and a few of progressive ZANU PF officials," the source said.

"SADC and African Union had underwritten the deal and said President Mnangagwa must bring an exit package of the table. The problem arose when Mnangagwa brought in about 50 families that he says  are his dependents.  The American government which had indicated that they will pay the exit package for Mnangagwa and his team said the demands are too much."

If this story is true, then the suggestion that "Nelson Chamisa and a few of progressive Zanu PF officials" would form the transitional authority is the most idiotic idea the people of Zimbabwe have ever heard. MDC leaders and the progressive Zanu PF members were all in the 2008 to 2013 GNU; they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years. NOT EVEN ONE REFORM!

Since the 30 July 2018 rigged elections, Chamisa has talked about the need to implement political and economic reforms but has never said what those reforms were much less why the reforms were not implemented during the last GNU. It is rich to assume that Chamisa now knows what the democratic reforms the nation has been dying for are and how they will be implemented.

Besides, even if someone was to give Chamisa and the moderate Zanu PF leaders a full lecture on what the reforms are, how they are to be implemented, etc., etc. there is still no guarantee they will fully implement all the reforms. Removing Mnangagwa and the other Zanu PF hardliners from the political stage will only make Chamisa and his MDC Alliance complacent about the reforms.

With no one in Zanu PF cunning enough to rig the elections MDC leaders will not even bother to implement the reforms. MDC leaders are not concerned that the elections are flawed and illegal as long as they win!

What Zimbabwe needs after all the last 38 years of rigged elections is some one with the vision and common sense to appreciate the need for the country to implement all the democratic reforms fully and end this curse of rigged elections once and once for all.

Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF junta rigged last year's elections; all the international election observers with any democratic credentials of note have condemn the elections as "unfair and not to acceptable international standards". Zanu PF does not have the people's mandate to govern the country. The regime is illegitimate and must step down without any further ado.

Every day this Zanu PF remains in office should be seen for what it is - the regime is holding the nation to ransom.

Nelson Chamisa's claim to power is founded on this foolish notion that the elections are free, fair and credible if he is given a senior post on the gravy train or is declared the winner. Of course, Chamisa and his MDC friends sold out during the 2008 GNU by failing to get even one reform implemented. The thought of granting Chamisa a seat on the next GNU is as repulsive as declaring Judas Iscariot a saint, a bonus on the thirty pieces of silver.

Entrust Chamisa and "progressive" Zanu PF leaders to implement the democratic reforms. Yeah right! This can only come from one with the kind of intellectual fixation with the past justifying the recycling of the same deadwood even after 38 years of blundering incompetence and failure!

There are many Zimbabweans out there who know exactly what Zimbabwe  needs to do to move the country forward. If we implement the democratic reforms and end the autocratic environment that has stifled all debate and democratic competition; quality leaders will emerge of that we can be 100% certain!.

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