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Zimbabweans punished for voting genocidist Mnangagwa

18 Jan 2019 at 08:57hrs | Views
For the staunch supporters of shona supremacism, Mnangagwa, who's hands are dripping with more than 40 000 Matabele blood, was the best candidate. In their tribalistic minds, Mnangagwa's genocide history was going to help in the intimidation of Matabeles, stop Matabeleland restoration cause and keep them under oppression. But the plan has backfired very badly, the butcherer has now turned against his own.

The want to keep shona supremacism afloat and see the continuation of  Matabele oppression led majority shonas to vote dangerous genocidists into power. It led them into  voting  thieves who have been competing to loot state resources for 38 years.

See how the thieves  exposed each other late last year in a fierce bull fight for control of state resources.

Powerful and greedy politicians who own parasitic businesses,  control business cartels and tenderprenuers were all  exposed.

What would a thief with 38 years of looting experience do when he/she is voted into power? They will do what they know best. Stealing, stealing and stealing from government coffers until the economy is on its knees. That is what Mnangagwa and his team are doing right now. That is why masses are in the streets protesting.

What would a genocidist who's hands are dripping with blood of over 40 000 Matabeles do when he is elected to be the President of the country?

People of that country must not express their feelings through street protests let alone criticise him. If they do, he would do what he knows best: impose an illegal internet close down.

Under the darkness of internet shutdown and away from the scrutiny of the world, he would send the national army and the police  to unleash terror on  defenceless citizens.

The current political events show clearly how deep and dangerous tribalism has turned out to be in Zimbabwe. Tribalism has driven majority shona people to elect dangerous genocidists in the name of protecting the Shona supremacist system and ended up paying with their own lives.

Matabeleland restoration as advocated by MLO will not free Matabeles only but shona people as well and save them from putting their own lives on the line by voting dangerous genocidists and thieves who would end up killing and oppressing them.

As MLO we are watching the acts of brutality by the government of Zimbabwe against the people of Matabeleland and our hearts are sore with anger.

As long as Matabeleland is still under Zimbabwe oppression, as long is the government of Zimbabwe keeps on terrorising the people of Matabeleland,  political drama is on the way.

What you saw during the Zimbabwe coup in 2017 is nothing. What you are seeing now is nothing compared to what is coming. Lukhulu luyeza luyenyelela!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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