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Has the revolutionary party lost the plot?

05 Feb 2019 at 17:54hrs | Views
So many conspiracy theories have been written on the revolutionary party with some saying the party died when Robert Gabriel Mugabe the former President was ejected from the party.

The revolutionary party Zanu PF has lost its revolutionary ethos of serving the masses and protecting its citizens. It is so disturbing that the army has become the enemy of the POVO.

Zanu PF and its supporters have become like germs in a wound which must be cleaned with iodine. In the process, the patient will have to endure the screaming for a while.

With party and cult politics, Zimbabweans have been subjected to untold suffering from political hoodlums who want to have the grip of political power than serving the people. Most of our politicians have become a pain in the ass and have nothing to offer in terms of policy making  and coming up with strategic,  important  decisions in the Parliament. They have dismally failed the nation.

The current leadership has displayed it's weakness on how to run a country and later alone have failed to build small bridges to unite Zimbabwe into a single economic powerhouse. They have failed to make bridges with the international community.
The party currently in charge of development has of recent era created more enemies than friends and has not been liked by plenty of investors  who are sitting on money bags and waiting for such a time. They will surely not dare come in where soldiers are roaming our streets on daily basis.

Zimbabwe is a sovereignty country, true. No any other country outside Zimbabwe must write our story. We shall shape our destiny. The thinking that the opposition want to sell Zimbabwe to the western bloc is unfounded.

Britain, Zimbabwe's former colonial master, deserve some credit for partnering Zimbabwe in our long walk towards democracy. Soon after independence Zimbabwe received  a lot of assistance  from UK  Even more recently, the UK and other European Union (EU) member countries have and continue to help Zimbabweans with humanitarian aid.

Zimbabweans know what they want and have been going through lot economic and political challenges. The main root problem of our country is political tolerance.

There are growing calls to call for the President to step down as he has failed to take control of the country. People want to see the best for the country even if it means moving forward just a small step. We need to work with erstwhile countries such as United Kingdom and United States of Africa,

Zimbabwe has gone 50 years backwards and we need to catch up with other countries and cover the yawning gap.

We need a President who can see this. There is no where one can be proud of being a President of Zimbabwe with millions of hungry people, raped women and not knowing who responsible, rotten economy is, in fact everything is at standstill.

Zimbabwe is hoping from one Commission to the other. Now the Commission on Rape by the Zimbabwe National Army. People should learn to give up.

True, let's have a real young Zimbabwean President with an international appeal to start developing this country. Zimbabwe is in dire need of a President who will unite people first, and then we start talking of development later.

This will take a decade of years for the country to be economically, politically and socially independent and stable. So sad that most of those generation will not a get a chance to see a better and improved Zimbabwe, but the next generation.

Our pace for scramble to lure investment in the country is so disturbing  and disappointing. The moment we thought we are now opening avenues  and inroads  to re- engagement  with other countries, we have found ourselves on a hard rock and line.

Zimbabwe is lagging behind due to gross human abuses being perpetrated by security agents. Investors are not likely to warm up to such an uncomfortable and unstable country. Already those investors who were sitting at the fence monitoring the current events unfolding in the country are already frowning to a country where there is political instability. If we keep sweeping our dirty under the carpet the house will one day emit a bad odour and we will pay the price.

The government is trying by all means to cover  up its atrocities to the global world but they are doing more harm than repair. As we speak the country is at stand still and no meaningful work is being done on the ground. Political leaders must sit down and look beyond who won and lost the election. Legitimacy remains the burning issue here and must be addressed amicably.

This kind of propaganda saying the British, Americans and the French are pushing  a certain narrative against  Zimbabwe does not hold any water. The missing $15 billion was not stolen by the west. The shooting of civilians was not the west. We fail to accept our failures and weaknesses then start shouldering the blame on others.

We spent large sums of money buying chiefs expensive cars. If we look at the amount of money that the Ex President Mugabe, President Emmerson  Mnangagwa,  Vice President Guvheya Chiwenga, Minister  of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Busi Moyo, Vice President Kembo Mohadi have used seeking medical treatment abroad, that money would have been enough to build a state of the art hospital that could manage every sick body in Zimbabwe.

This government must sever us from harsh  economic,  political  abuses and frustrations and stop the blame  game. We are back into the Mugabe era were he used to fly out of the country using tax payers money  to receive and seek medical attention treatment abroad.


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