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'Mnangagwa is insicere and selfish'

08 Feb 2019 at 07:32hrs | Views
Mnangagwa's dialogue is an in-genuine, insincere and selfish attempt to save face for his gross failure to implement his much touted reforms; political, economic, constitutional and governance reforms. He has dismally failed and is very bad at accepting his flaws and shortcomings.

 Instead of repealing AIPPA he shut down the internet, reforming POSA he deployed soldiers in citizens' bedrooms to rape, torture and abduct them. Reduce government expenditure he operates with two cabinets, two  anti corruption commissions and a 24 member presidential advisory team.

Sadist how he declared war against the people and unleashed the army that is supposed to defend us. The same masses of Zimbabwe stood by him at the hour of need in 2017; had we not marched and had the coup flopped, Mnangagwa  would have been killed for treason.

Truth be told, Zimbabwe is in this mess because of Mnangagwa's unreformist DNA. We all knew that the 2017 military intervention was a subversion of the constitution and a violation of international law. To cure this an all inclusive transitional set up was the only way to go.

 If we were to cure the coup, set Zimbabwe on a genuine social, economic and political recovery and honest sustainable international re-engagement program, an all inclusive national dialogue to set up a national vehicle for reform was a must in 2017. We all expected that.

That national vehicle for reform or National Transitional Authority was supposed to bring everyone on board; workers (labour movements), civil society, trade unions, farmers unions, vendors, political parties, students, churches, business, academics et al on the table.

 Apart from uniting the nation, post Mugabe national dialogue and NTA would also have been a reform vehicle to resolve the deep structural deficits in the state, effect social, economic and constitutional reforms thus introducing a genuine acceptable environment in our nation.

 However, like a toddler Mnangagwa got overexcited by renewed international support, which the British who had been lied to by Catriona Laing were pioneering. Instead of engaging Zimbabwean citizens and bringing them together, Mnangagwa was more concerned with engaging Britain and foreigners.

Mnangagwa pumped in millions in propaganda machinery to create a false and insincere narrative that he is a reformer. Promised the British that he will compensate them the land they lost during land reform and even tried to bribe Donald Trump with a golf course in Victoria Falls.

All this propaganda was not necessary. Mnangagwa was just supposed to unite people as a transitional leader. But the march we had in November 2017 overexcited him. It's understandable considering that in his entire political career, he never had been a recipient of popular support.

 However Mnangagwa got everything twisted; in 2017, we marched against corruption, poverty, human rights violations. We marched for justice, self determination, rule of law and for prosperity for all. We did not march for Mnangagwa or Chiwenga and the majority of the marchers were not Zanu PF

Mnangagwa trashed the social contract to dialogue he had with the people and the very same political party leaders that he now wants to bully to the negotiating table, on his selfish, insincere interests. His power is now stinky. His ship is now stagnant. The titanic is sinking.

Against all reason Mnangagwa went on to call for an election in an unlevel playing field which favored him. In his praise and worship choir,t he #OrchestraPfee,h e had elite bussinessmen, prominent journalists and pastors who sanitised the wrong and indefensible whilst the people suffered.

The election was just a military drill. The campaign trail prove that Mnangagwa had no umbilical cord with popular support. The ordinary people saw through the empty rhetoric of 'Zimbabwe is open for business' and lies of the 'second republic' and the nonexistent 'new dispensation'.

It was rigged, ZEC announced three different figures. Mnangagwa only claims to have won resoundingly but he doesn't know how many votes he got. ZEC can't even produce the server to prove their results. In short, the election was a military drill that resulted in bloodshed.

Lies have short legs, so does false propaganda. Mnangagwa spend more money in propaganda than in development initiatives. All those millions wasted hiring private Swiss jets to go lie on international platforms etc. Even Mthuli Ncube hired a PR team from the reserve bank.

All these shortcomings which are a direct result of absolute failure to govern by the new dispensation, resulted in the down spiral of the economy. Cash crisis intensified, fuel became scarce and prices skyrocketed. A poverty plague swept the nation Mnangagwa has no solutions.

 Mnangagwa 's solution to the widespread crises was a poem of a national budget presented by Mthuli Ncube, self contradicting and a high sounding nothing. ED held a presser to announce fuel prices hike before boarding his hired million dollars private Swiss jet to Europe.

 ZCTU responded to the fuel prices hike by calling for a national stayaway which would change Mnangagwa 's political fortunes by exposing his lies on issues of reform. He responded with brute military force abducting, torturing, killing and raping citizens in their homes.

 Despite shutting down the internet, a very unwise move in the eyes of the world, international media got to the ground and exposed the reality of the extent of terror that Zanu Pf was inflicting on the Zimbabwean people. This had a negative impact on Mnangagwa 's international support.

As pressure mounted, both locally and internationally he was forced to abort his trip to Davos after Zimbabwean people petitioned the World Economic Forum. Mnangagwa was forced to return home to solve the crises whose solutions he never had.

For his personal survival, and to maintain the support of those who backed him on the basis that he had power and could benefit them in shoddy business deals, Mnangagwa now needs Nelson Chamisa to clean his mess. He knows it, but is too weak to admit or humble himself.

 He wants to drag Nelson Chamisa to the negotiating table ingeniously. He wants to bully him into submission by creating a rush hour mentality when he is already late. He is doing so by inviting funny drama queens and kings cum presidential candidates.

 We should understand this as a people, fake and insincere dialogue will never solve our problems. If Mnangagwa was sincere about dialogue with all politicians he could have done it long back in 2017 after the coup to map an inclusive way forward after Mugabe.

It was the best moment for people were united. Most political leaders attended his inauguration as a gesture that they wanted national unity. We all know what happened... Mnangagwa bluntly told them kuti "chinhu chine vene vacho!" thus missing a golden opportunity to unite Zimbabwe.

Fast forward to now, Mnangagwa eroded any summoning power or reputation he ever had, whether real or imagined. He can't successfully invite anyone sensible to dialogue considering his established record in insincerity.

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Source - Makomborero Haruzivishe
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