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Zimbabwe Communist Party respond to attacks by ZANU PF mouthpiece

16 Feb 2019 at 13:23hrs | Views
"The Patriot, 31 January 2019, carried an article titled 'Unmasking a pseudo-communist organisation,' although obviously there was no unmasking to do, instead it degenerated to slanderous personal attacks to comrades Ngqabutho Mabhena (General Secretary), Ian Beddowes (National Commissar) and myself.

Apparently, its author, Patience Murava, was peeved by the Zimbabwe Communist Party's expression of a deserved fraternal solidarity with the Amalgamated Rural Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ). I need not belabour on the credentials of ZCP as the article itself failed dismally to paint the party as anything other than what its members purport it to be. Indeed, it is disheartening to observe that the writer, herself a worker, could be so hostile to her fellow workers that include members of ARTUZ. However, she should understand better the agony of class betrayal, not to mention the abuse by depraved bosses to earn a job.

Ironically, Patience Murava describes ZCP as 'a shadowy organization' with 'doggy characters' and in the very same article cites her source as Oceanic Omnipresence Organization. If indeed her target audience is Zimbabweans then she must have overlooked the high risk of exposing her paymasters who perfectly fit those descriptions. There is not a single ZCP meeting that was done at a secret location and ZCP releases monthly publications. One wonders whether the ruling party's premier propaganda mouthpiece has run out of ideas, just like the party itself.

In the absence of ideas, there is this resort to bastardized ethnic chauvinism disguised as nationalism. But even from that vantage of exhausted nationalism, the centre cannot hold anymore. One really wonders whether it was the dutiful defense of ARTUZ that provoked the rancorous counterattack or the sin by communists was to refute ZANU PF's tired chorus of labelling as 'western stooges' whoever it wants to harass, arrest and torture even for asking for a salary increase. It is a pity that regime intellectuals have to defend even the indefensible!

For the record, on 11 January 2019, ZCP merely repeated the known links between the imperialist Capricorn Africa Society, led by the mercenary David Stirling and the founding luminaries of ZANU. In 1963, at the behest of the enemy, they split and weakened the national liberation movement. Actually, it is not ZCP, but the American envoy, Andrew Young, who linked ZANU PF's 1980 victory to a Western victory against communist Russia. Notably, ZANU PF has neither disputed these alleged traitorous links with imperialist forces nor has it denied its self-serving relations with Apartheid security apparatus. Well, its embrace of ex-Rhodesian CIO murderers is known by all and the Zimbabwean government's continued use of those criminals to maim and torture ex-freedom fighters in a free Zimbabwe remains a fact of history.

Surely, it is the politically naïve who still buy into ZANU PF's ultra-leftist pretensions with its racist overtones cloaked as Pan Africanism. Patience Murava and her handlers know this very well. If indeed, the intention on attacking the persona of Comrade Beddowes as 'the brains' behind ZCP, then why link him only to ZAPU and conveniently omit that he was a bona fide member of ZANU PF? Is it selective amnesia or just an instinctive hatred of ZAPU for its association with communists? Instead, the writer resorts to the usual racial and ethnic innuendos and deviously associate Comrade Beddowes with Mthwakazi activists; in a reckless attempt to fan tribal animosity.

Peace-loving Zimbabweans, having witnessed the senseless bloodbath stocked by this same misguided ethnic chauvinism, can easily see through this unpatriotic fascist attempt at divide and conqueror tactics. Our very independence, earned through the blood and sweat of the workers and peasants, has become hollow to the majority who not only eke out an existence under extreme poverty but also under intense fear of their own government. It is a pity that the Zimbabwean state has reduced itself to a complicit partner with capital in its exploitative relations with the poorly paid workers and the suffering majority.

Those among us who profess Marxism-Leninism have never claimed to know it all, hence our incessant calls for a National Economic Dialogue by stakeholders to map a way out of this economic quagmire. We are trapped in this cesspit of poverty, courtesy to the insatiable greed, debauchery and avarice by of our parasitic capitalist rulers masquerading as Patriots! It is nauseatingly repulsive to play the exhausted 'regime change' card after syphoning dry the country's wealth and stashing it in havens controlled by the same western imperialists you pretend are against you. What a shame for soiling the dignity and image of Africans.

In future, Patience Murava should be advised to do a better job than this claptrap which neither serves the interests of her handlers nor informs readers. For one to go personal when facts are against them is puerile. The workers know very well who has impoverished them. This misguided anti-worker posture by the ruling cabal can only worsen Zimbabwe's economic paralysis; while inadvertently digging their own political grave.

Source - Dr. Samukele Hadebe
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