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African religion comprises of witches, satanists, spiritualists, spirit mediums

18 Feb 2019 at 14:50hrs | Views
African religion comprises of witches, satanists, spiritualists, spirit mediums, healers, kings and queens. While Christianity remains as that or those institutions preaching, teaching and prophesying of The Christ.

African religion has continued to exist under siege from its multiple enemies. When the biblical king Nebuchanezzer chose to gradually and more efficiently destroy a targeted Hebrew nation, he instructed his stewards to go out and take into captivity both mentally and physically fit youngsters and of extra-ordinary wisdom coupled with high learning aptitudes. A special diet was prescribed by The King for the lads. These youngsters would serve as the key component of the strategy against their own motherlands! The youngsters were to be cleansed of their origin! They got new names as part of the cleansing. (Bagezwa izithakazelo bethweswa ezobumnyama ukuze bangene emandleni).

Daniel got a new name of Belteshazzar, Hananiah became Shadreck, Mishael became Meshack and Azariah became Abednego.. (Daniel 1:3-7). Similarly in the process of de-Africanising Africa! Her own children were equally either captured and put into export slave labour or pampered with gifts into spiritual prostitution and exported by ship, boat and aeroplane for similar cleansing and training to equip them against their own origins in favour of Christian spiritual pick-pocketing the Nebuchanezzer way.

In this present day brilliant people are similarly either drafted into such institutions to carry-out satanic contrary agenda. Or, founder members and other people of strategic positioning get recruited, assigned and incentivised against the same pan-Africanist organisations that they founded. To launch calcukared rebellions against legitimate leadership! To reach Jewish Prophet Jesus, who had successfully lived on the run from suspected political ends since the inception of his ministry, SenIor Desciple Judas Iscariot had to be drafted-in to serve the enemy's cause.

The Catholic institution has, since the days of Roman Emperor Constantine, up-held the Nebuchadnezzer winning formular. Africa's own children carry heavy institutional titles ranging from Brother, Father, Archbishop, Sister and Mother Superior. African children get lured into The Catholic and allied institutions at early youth by colourful robes and the all white dresses and veils.

Exposed to prostituted spiritual education! And lots of hand-outs too as incentives against African nature. African children have been recruited into secret Catholic life-time sex trafficking and slavery as recently confirmed by The Vatican sitting Pope Francis. He confirmed that his predecessor, Pope Benedict, had to close-down a Catholic sex parish in France where the respective clergy had so openly failed to maintain the ungodly criminal and artificial religious dictates. Pope Francis confirmed to the effect that nunnery sex-slavery and abortions were most rife within the Catholic institutions perpetrated by male clergy upon their female counter-parts. The Catholic institution that dtands in opposition to creation with pretence of celibacy.

African children were, in this way, so captured and drafted into the deep-ends of sin power and trained to up-hold fake religion. And name cleansing to kill their natural consciences. Name-cleansing for a new mission remains as an act as old as creation! When God identified The Jewish Father of All Nations, Abraham, in his paganist father, Nahor's homestead, He orders Abraham to depart hence-forth by himself! Because Abraham had to effectively undertake this new mission, he had to undergo name cleansing and make a sacrifice to God! Abraham before then, was named Abram. At the moment of anointing God changed his name for him to assume new responsibilities. Abraham'success remained caught between his successful defence of the sacrifice offering or failure against the marauding vultures that emerged from nowhere! (Wagezwa isithakazelo uAbrahama engakamukeli okuhle). (Genesis 15, Genesis 17:1-8).Jacob, later known as Israel, battles an Angel of God all-night and demands that he would only let-go of the Angel upon the exchange of a blessing! Jacob got a name cleanse after a close to day-break battle. (Wagezwa isithakazelo wathola igama elitsha).

From that moment his name became Israel. (Genesis 32:22-32). Previously Jacob had been that thief who had thrived on a stolen blessing from his brother Esau! (Genesis 27:14-29). And that thief who had stolen lots of livestock from his uncle and father-in-law, Laban. (Ubethwele umkhokha). (Genesis 30:34-43, Genesis 31:1-3). Israeli prophet Ezekiel was taken to Tel Abib near the river Kebar on a seven days of painful holy quarentine for blood-line name cleansing before he could qualify to prophesy life upon the dry bones! (Ezekiel 2 & 3). Prophet Nehemiah demanded from the king of Israeli for permission to go back to Jerusalem to resuscitate the city for the purposes of the graves of his fore-fathers! (Uyavala amangcwaba). (Nehemiah 2:2-6).

The fact that Abraham went into a great fight to chase the aggressive hungry vultures in defence of his blessing! In defence of his new crown to be! And Jacob fights viciously and demands a blessing in exchange of The Angel's freedom! While Prophet Ezekiel pays a high price for the spiritual qualification to prophesy life upon the dry bones in the valley! And Israeli Prophet Nehemiah pleads with power for authority to return to Jerusalem where lay the bones of his Israeli fore-fathers! Sufficiently informs that some of Africa's woes, as a continent! As a region! As a country! As a clan! As a family! Or, as an individual or congregation, emanate from the failure to commit! Demand! Receive!  And defend! When the children of Africa go-out onto the seas, oceans, forests, rivers, mountains and graveyards for name cleansing (ukugezwa izithakazelo lokuvala kwamangcwaba) they get quickly labelled as paganists and are criticised and excommunicated from Christian religious out-fits. Abraham was called to Mount Moriah to make a sacrifice to God of his only begotten son Isaac! (Genesis 22:2). And there is nothing amiss about that to all the critics of African religion.

To this day the Christian missionaries condemned and banned this form of worship for Africa by force! And groomed Africa's own seed as both perpetuator and guard. A winner is no ordinary person! A winner is that committed fighter willing to take-stock of his losses and recover each of them by the same force. Are you the one to win for Africa! Are you the one to build and grow the African Temple! Are you the one to bless your religion! Are the one to make that most critical difference! Are you the one to initiate and champion the fortunes of your clan! Are you the one to change lives around you! Are the one to receive and bless-back! Christian missionary attacks have continued to manifest in various forms.

Since the days of Roman Emperor Contantine, founder of Christianity, many years after Christ, African religion has continued to suffer immeasurable violence. (Matthew 11:12) The spiritual aggression of The Christ'Judaist deciples put Roman Emperor Constantine on full-time panick mode as Romans continued to convert into Judaism in multitudes! To an ordinary ruler, this was a live-threat to political authority. It naturally became both important and urgent to be politically creative to safe-guard power. Emperor Constantine then had a customised dream/vision of a cross as descending into his hands from heaven with the hand of The Christ! And The Christ speaking to him!

This became a very powerful Christ but artificial, fraudulent symbol and a major tool of blending both Judaists Christ followers and the generality of the Roman Empire to serve The Emperor. Jesus The Christ never founded any religion contrary to Judaism! He was a Judaist Prophet and teacher and died Judaist! Jewish prophet Jesus did not die a Messianic death! Prophet Jesus died of an avoidable political death! He died of negligence! Of poor communication! Prophet Jesus failed to articulate his cause to the powers of the time who had seen in him a political giant in-the-making with sufficient charisma to attract and incite great multitudes with high potential to oppose the orders of the day! And those concerned authorities acted accordingly.

This was not a far-fetched assumption as religion has remained as a most powerful factor of power! Unification and identity. The South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ, made up of The Twelve Apostles Church in Christ, The Bantu Church of Christ, Zion Christian Church, and a faction of The Shembe Church, set itself up to compete with The South African Council of Churches and later registered as a political party behind The Pulpit, on which Man of God Mzwanele Manyi has now perched himself. One of former president, Jacob Zuma's most fervent supporters, Bishop Timothy Ngcobo, has formed and taken leadership of The African Freedom Revolution also behind The Pulpit.

Those who crucified Prophet Jesus had a genuine suspicion of political ambition and it was, therefore, up to him (Jesus) to dispel such fears and live. Similarly, Prophet John The Baptist died an avoidable death! John The Baptist also died an avoidable death of gross negligence! John The Baptist had been spiritually assigned to teach and baptise multitudes in the forest with a natural diet of locust and honey. Of his own accord he chose to leave the forest and suicidally meddle in palace marriage issues! John The Baptist deliberately unduly provoked power! There-by courting a violent death upon himself as he was in open resentment of the powers of the day! It would not have been so outrageous to suspect that by openly holding The King in contempt he could have so easily built-on political mileage and incited the multitudes who were already following him to see more palace errors and dethrone The King in his favour. (Matthew 14:1-12, Matthew 11:12).

It would not be so outragrous to view the two deaths as straight suicides through either negligence or incomperence or both! And to wonder as to how Prophet Jesus'death got labelled as a sacrificial death for the world masses irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Christianity, therefore, remained as a branded or patented Roman Emperor Constantine product with his mother playing midwife, which Prophet Jesus might, to this day, be as totally ignorant of. Christianity was a political crime product being peddled against other religions by spiritual criminals! Spiritual rapists! (Abadlwenguli lezifebe zikamoya) as a most effective safe-guard to Roman authority. To this day every newly elected Head of State tapes-in local anointing from the respective local Catholic Bishop's Conference! And has an obligation to go to The Vatican to shake the reigning Pope's hand for approval.

The local Catholic Bishops Conference and allied Catholic splinter Churches remains as the life-blood of any power metrix in Africa and the world beyond since the days of Roman Emperor Constantine. It has remained as so critical to get that Catholic cleansing nod of approval into power. Those who fail to secure that most critical nod do not survive long into power. That explains as to the reason as to why soon after The Zimbabwean January 2019 National Up-Risings that left seventeen unarmed civilians dead and close to a hundred civilians with live ammunition gun-shot wounds and multitudes maimed in and out of hospitals with empty dispensaries! And many in hiding! The Catholic Bishops Conference became the most strategic and urgent port of call for The Presidency! And not the indigenous religious outfits.

Government had to take accurate measurement of Catholic approval ratings by requesting for an urgent meeting with such power-house. Former South African president, Jacob Zuma was condemned at inception of his presidency by Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu! And later accelerated by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba alongside The South African Council of Churches protests against State Capture, as representing the colonial powers, and there was surely no-way that he could sail through his term of office. Africa's own prophets were neither in agreement with Zuma corruption nor silent protesters! There was no-one to listen to them and carry their sentiments to the right places.

Africa's own misgoverned prophets in Africa carry no such weight and live in war in defence of their respective institutions, survival and faiths! This explains the reason as to why Prophet Samuel Hadebe's Amasosha spiritual movement! The Revelation Church of God! Carry that inspirational name which symbolises an unending spiritual war front. Prophets Credo Mutwa! Isaiah Shembe! Samuel Hadebe! Enoch Mgijima in South Africa! Simon Kimbambu in The Congo! Alice Lenshina in Zambia have lived with full-time injustice and were left to take their legitimate spiritual frustrations to the grave while The Vatican rules Africa and the world by Short Message Service (SMS) Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Whatsapp.

And Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, has openly condemned African religion and spiritualism by his closure of over 6 000 such native institutions in his country in favour of western laboratory certified religion. While the South African government has created The Commission for Religion and Languages chaired by Thoko Mkhwananzi Xaluva. This commission remains as stocked with personnel of irrelevant qualifications! The commission has dismally failed to add value to African religion. Witches, satanists, spiritualists, healers, kings and queens would have made greater value-addition to pan-Africanism. The current set-up manned by spiritual idiots of the worst order could only serve as another form of open aggression against Africanism.

Thoko Mkhwananzi Xaluva told South African Broadcasting Corporation programme; Unfiltered,  to the effect that any person who claimed to be in communion with God would be a true psychiatric case! An utterence more telling of her dwarfed religious experience rendering her as most unfit for the respective office! Mkhwananzi-Xaluva strongly believes and draws lots of inspiration from the fact that Moses saw and spoke to a burning bush in Africa because of Jewish spiritual superiority and yet Africans in the same Africa could not, due to the assumed spiritual inferiority! Moses led The Israelites out of Egypt in communion with God! And Africans command of insufficient spiritual qualification to command of the same. Inferior! Government, in fear of The Vatican and its allies, Nicodemusly acknowledges and patronises African practitioners of religion but fails to take a well defined position in favour of true Africanism by day.

The Commission for Religion and Languages requires the ordination of prophets. Who ordained you! They ask. True prophets cannot be ordained! True prophers do not need to be ordained at The School of Prophecy and The School of Tongues! Christianity remains as a commercial window-dresser academic papal fake man of god religion. Ordained to walk in the air and dish-out miracle money and other bizzaire miracles and attract huge miracle followers/chasers! African prophets continue to be viewed as being less sophisticated! Less in command of the Holy Spirit! Continue to be highly despised! Because they remain as less maverick and less computer literate to tele-cast angels into their respective Temples like what the maverick Prophet Shepherd Bushiri does at The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church in Pretoria! As less sophisticated because they have shied-away from prophesying on phone numbers! Dates of birth, house numbers, numbers of children! Empty fridges at home and extra-marital affairs as they maintain their positions on worship, deliverence and healing.

Can not feed congregants on deadly insecticides! Snakes! And petrol and cannot walk on their respective congregants, like the creative go-getter Christian prophets do. While other schools of thought have found it favourable to die in The Temple in assumed search of salvation like what transpired in Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) in Pretoria stampede in early January 2019 which left three people dead! Prophet Bushiri was quoted as responding to a question as to why he had selected to trek from his native Malawi all the way to Pretoria to serve South Africans leaving the poor Malawians in dire spiritual poverty.

To which he responded to the effect that Malawians needed salvation while South Africans were after miracles! It remains as of critical importance to vet the source of power and driving agenda! It remains as difficult not to assume that the poor congregants could have sacrificed their lives for these multiple miracles! Money and tele-cast fake angels! The creation of religious fanaticism than genuine worship.

The manifestation of the various Christian cults and their most bizzaire prophetic crowd-puller prophetic gymnastics! With the respective congregants shamelessly rising and spilling on the streets in support of their alleged offending Christian cult leaders before trial in the manner that former president Jacob Zuma's African National Congress Women's League supporters did over his rape trial and forced the victim into hiding! Where a fellow woman had been disenfranchised! Congregants trained to see and know no wrong in The Prophet Bushiri alleged money laundering and fraud charges before trial! And Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso's alleged mass teenage rape/s cases in South Africa. Miracles now! And justice later or never at all! Prophrtic Blank Cheque Anointing above the law! Congregants too hurried to let justice take its uncompromised course.

That would no longer be a man of God but a most powerful George Orwell's Animal Farm cult leader more equal than others in the eyes of the law! Could it be true that The Israeli white Jewish Prophet, Jesus Christ, would be surely coming to Africa and the world soon to make a roll-call on the register to the dogs! (Matthew 15:21). UJesu uyeza! Uyeza masinyane! Uza nencwadi! Incwadi yamagama! Uzowabiza amagama abangcwele! Selibhaliwe yini elakho igama? Kkkkkkk! Papal falacy. Where are the African prophers? (Baphi abaprophet babantu?)

Contrary to the prevailing African attitudes to African religion, when The Aramian King inquires of the unconquerable readiness of The Israeli King at every moment of attack! He was informed that there was a Prophet Elisha behind The Israeli King's prowess! The Aramian King dispatched an army with instructions to capture Prophet Elisha as a way of reaching-out to The King of Israel.

In Zimbabwe's Ndebele-Shona Up-Risings of 1896 the settler invaders saw more danger in Spirit Mediums Nehanda and Kaguvi and hanged them instantly! And short Spirit medium Chaminuka ahead of the native armed warriors. When Israeli Prophet Elisha was on his death-bed, israeli King Jehoash went down to see him and wept over him. "My Father! My Father!" The King was under deadly siege! The Prophet of God helped The King to shoot The Lord's arrow of victory over Aram.

This was the effect of the rule of Prophetic Kings in relation to the true anointed Men of God both in the ancient and present times. Please note that The King addresses The Prophet as "My Father!" In The Arab world The Sheik, The Sultan and The Ayotollah remain as regarded In the top-most for spiritual counsel in the matters of politics and administration and commercial engagements or general Arabic prosperity. And that has seen The Arab world staying in progressive dominion of the world.

African governments have also been trained to resent and reject African religion. They have been trained to fear the power of numbers. Practitioners of African religion get ready following of multitudes. When politicians see numbers they agitate and suffer from the same fear that shook Roman Emperor Constantine in the face of Jesus'desciples. Zambia's then President Kenneth Kaunda saw a female Head of State in-the-making in Prophetess Alice Lenshina and venomously descended upon her leaving over 700 of her people dead. South Africa's Prophet Enoch Mgijima and his Israelites, a name given to his followers, suffered in a close to detrimental way in defence of the African religion.

Prophet Credo Mutwa was labelled a witch over the 1976 Soweto up-risings. He had a narrow escape that left his Dipkloof home reduced to ashes. The same fear of numbers that shook The Roman Emperor Constantine has seen the same venom spilling upon South Africa's Revelation Church of God founded by youthful Prophet Samuel Hadebe! His youth and the all blue multitudes bravely spilling-over Southern Africa has shaken Rome to great magnitudes! And, therefore, has become a top agenda assignment for harassment, closure or whipping into compliance respectively in the same old way. Various genuine institutions of religion have found themselves either tucked into stinking political arm-pits as highly customised outfits or forced to either wind-up or scale-down.

Zimbabwe's pro-Mugabe Bishop Johannes Ndanga, life president of The Zionist Christian Council (ZCC) found himself as forced to shower the then sitting president,  Robert Gabriel Mugabe, with such customised prophecies one of which was that his wife, the armourous Grace, a former married office concubine to a married Head of State cum-first Lady! Known to have bed-hopped multitudes of younger presidential aides and business executives most of whom either fell on the Mugabe guillotine or found themselves forced into hiding, carried that same presidential anointing as her husband! Ndanga offered to escort her ladyship around the country to address Zionist Christian Council congregants. And, therefore, was so trully destined for the Zimbabwe presidency but said nothing about the November 15, 2017 then imminent two days away military coup that so totally clipped her borrowed wings.

When Mugabe believed that he had out-manoeuvred every other presidential aspirant in favour of his wife, Bishop Johannes Ndanga fell into a highly customised corresponding prophetic trance that confirmed a Grace Mugabe presidency! Prominent Zimbabwe clergy man; Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe, served as one of the most eloquent Mugabe prophetic choristers to as late as January 2017, a few months before the November 2017 military coup! But, alas! With the same mouth he has come-up the more gifted in the prophetic acknowledgement of the new Emmerson Mnangagwa order! But was unable to shed such prophetic light upon The January 2019 National Up-Risings in total resentment and rejection of the same authority that came only a few days after such prophetic rant.

Christian prophets have, since the days of Roman Emperor Constantine, been trained to sing eloquently for him who pays the piper. Yes! They surely get rewarded in the flesh, and yet put the Holy Spirit into fulltime grief. Today's rulers remain as fully aware of the fact that they are holding on to stolen power! To fraudulently legitimise this stolen authority rulers have befriended Trade Unions, Africanist, and both Christianity and Messianic Churches for the requisite numbers. It was politics that have qualified the alleged sex-pest, Nigerian Pastor, Timothy Omotoso, for a Five Star treatment in prison in exchange of the numbers upon his head out of prison. This has entrenched inevitable both two-way religious and political prostitution! More-so it being an election year for South Africa.

Africa's own son, Johannesburg Democratic Alliance Mayor, Herman Mashaba, as Commander-In-Chief of The Johannesburg Municipal Police Department (JMPD) has risen against African religion more aggressive than Hendrik Verwood! Mayor Herman Mashaba was on special assignment to paralyse African religion and keep African women forever on the run on the street with their wares so that they remain financially too devastated to support the cause of the respective African Temples! The ruling African National Congress as national custodian has played as both blind and deaf to this raw white Democratic Alliance sponsored ordeal upon pan-Africanism.

The West has deployed Africa's own upon Africa in the same old Nebuchanezzer way. The contrary authorities stand fevered by Prophet Samuel Hadebe's Inkululeko YeSizwe new kid on the block with great potential to influence the scattered African continent into a progressive United States of Africa (USA) with African religion as the pillar-stone. Religious harmony could play a major pivot to African unity as nations get to think and act together. In this way Prophet Samuel Hadebe has touched a most raw nerve.

The Democratic Alliance does not only stand against The African National Congress of South Africa! But stands against Africanism to advance white supremacy. Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has risen to destroy the Johannesburg multi-million Rand street pro-African vendor economy that nurtured the likes of Nelson Mandela! Govan Mbeki! Lilian Ngoyi! Credo Mutwa! Isaiah Shembe! Samuel Hadebe! Ntate Maponyane of Maponyane Soweto Mall, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Albertina Sisulu and all the other pedigree Africanist change activists that made South Africa what it was today against white supremacy! And Herman Mashaba himself and his Black Like Me cosmetic firm! He stands as a big man of short memory in the South African market.

To gag such continued production line of true African heroism. African women vendors are kept ever on the run in Park Station! Bree Street! Jeppe Street! Soweto and beyond. So that African children do not go to school and remain permanent sources of cheap labour! A modern form of slave labour. And forever up-hold western cultural and religious supremacy in Africa in the same manner that Roman Emperor Constantine did.

Reginald Thabani Gola.
Cell. 00263 775184749.

Source - Reginald Thabani Gola
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