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Give the wayward juveniles access to pills

10 Mar 2019 at 21:52hrs | Views
The issue of the age of consent has stirred a hornet's nest in Zimbabwe with some saying lower it to twelve and others giving thumbs up to sixteen years.

The adults want to baby sit the under sixteen yet some of the minors have already majored in adult games, of course with tragic results in some cases. Those gunning for twelve years are saying there is no use in securing the pen when the horse has bolted, sizeable numbers of juveniles are playing house with adult male genitalia.

The elders, parents and the Church have failed to tame the budding youths who seem possessed to get anything in a trousers it be boys or sugar-daddies.

Social media and online adult stuff has intoxicated the youngsters who are now eager to find and taste the real joystick. Now that the under twelve are already out and eagle-spread, why not give them access to the numerous birth control pills, condoms and treatments in cases of STIs? Must authorities continue to bury heads in the sand whilst young girls are dying from backyard abortions and HIV/AIDS.

Its undeniable that some under sixteen girls have joined the thigh vending trade, having thrown books and all caution to the wind. Growth points and border towns are full of such 'horizontal wrestlers' busy hustling it out alongside seasoned harlots. If child prostitution can be stopped hallelujah, if not, let them access the pill and latex.


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