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Joshua Nkomo predicted the split of Zimbabwe in 1986

13 Mar 2019 at 09:11hrs | Views
Just 6 years into the so called independence of Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo mentioned among other things, genocide, tribal hate and unfettered corruption as ticking bombs that would cause Zimbabwe implosion.

"There is something radically wrong with our country today and we are moving fast towards destruction.There is confusion and corruption and, let us be clear about it, we are seeing racism in reverse under false mirror of correcting imbalances from the past.In the process we are creating worse things. We have created fear in the minds of some in our country. We have made them feel unwanted, unsafe.

"You cannot build a country by firing people's homes. No country can live by slogans, pasi (down with) this and pasi that. When you are ruling you should never say pasi to anyone. If there is something wrong with someone you must try to uplift him, not oppress him. We cannot condemn other people and then do things even worse than they did, " said Joshua Nkomo.

"We have never had such chaos and corruption in our country," Smith said during a brief return to politics in 2000.

"What Zimbabweans are looking for is a bit of ordinary honesty and straightforwardness." Had he been alive today he would ague with evidence that a country can be in a civil war and under heavy sanctions for more than 14 years but still do well. And that a country can be in peace for 38 years and still be a failed state that finally disintegrates into two states as long as it is run by incompetent, cruel  genocidists and kleptocrats who have a DNA of corruption.

Today we revisit Joshua Nkomo and Ian Smith statements at a very difficult time when their prophecies have come to pass. Zimbabwe is facing an inevitable split that will see the rebirth of Matabeleland state. At a time when those with the DNA of corruption,  that they talked so much against, have finally eaten all the insides and flesh of Zimbabwe and left an empty skeleton.

Corruption in Zimbabwe stinks to the highest heavens. Its stench has penetrated beyond its borders.

One man who could not miss the stench is Ken Yamamoto of Japan. He correctly observed, "The centre failed to hold right from independence and since then, the scandals have been popping out of the bottle one after another.

"To name but a few, these include the Paweni scandal (1982), National Railways Housing Scandal (1986), Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal worth $100 million (1987), Zisco Steel blast Furnace Scandal (1987), Willowgate Scandal (1988), ZRP Santana Scandal (1989), War Victims Compensation Scandal (1994), GMB Grain Scandal (1995), VIP Housing Scandal (1996), Boka Banking Scandal (1998), ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal (1998), – Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal (1998), Housing Loan Scandal (1999), Noczim Scandal (1999), – DRC timber and diamond UN reported scandals (1999), GMB Scandal (1999), – Ministry of water and rural development Chinese tender scandal (1999), Harare Airport Scandal (2001), pillaging and milking of Ziscosteel (2005-8), pillaging of diamonds in Chiadzwa (2006-present), the Airport Road Scandal (2008-2014), the perpetual milking of Zimbabwe and the pillaging of the central bank under Gideon Gono ."

Zimbabwe is now a failed military state without its own currency. Its vender economy is in the ICU without any sign of recovery. Men and women who participate in corrupt activities have never been arrested. Instead they are granted hero/heroin status and buried at Heroes Acre. Some of these "heroes of corruption" are Herbert Ushewokenze, Enos Chikowore and Kumbirai Kangai who once confessed that in their Shona culture stealing from an organisation or government is not a crime at all but "empowerment". When they died they were accorded heroes statuses and buried at heroes acre. That makes Zimbabwe the only country in the world that rewards the corrupt both in life and death.

What was basically the bread basket of Africa is now worse than the basket case of Africa.

A state visit by the President of Zimbabwe can easily cause fear in the country visited.
Mnangagwa's visit to any part of the world would set tongues wagging in that country with the media, political analysts, politicians and the public asking if the leader of the cursed country is really on a state visit or on a disguised begging spree. Heads of states nowardays think twice before they visit Zimbabwe scared that the talks will not end without a begging bowl placed before them.

Ian Smith had all the reasons to be surprised when he saw the economic state of Zimbabwe in 2000. He handed over a jewel to Robert Mugabe in 1980. It was econocally stable, with only 5℅ unemployment rate, stable currency and most industrialised in Africa, second only to South Africa. Almost everything was manufactured locally.

Our own Matabeleland visionaries and revolutionaries like Cde Paul Siwela saw this coming as early as 1995 and immediately put words into action. He fearlessly stated that Zimbabwe must be federated into two states of Matabeleland and Mashonaland failure of which Matabeleland must breakaway.

For that he was persecuted by prosecution, arrested and charged with treason many times, survived many assassinations, lost his company and assets worth US$ 500 000, his bank account frozen and over US$ 600 000 in the said account stolen by those with the DNA of corruption.

Right now as I write this article he lives in the foreign lands after surviving the latest assassination attempt by a whisker. But the seed of Matabeleland statehood restoration that he planted fell on fertile ground as the word of Matabeleland independence was well received by Matabele youth.

It is while he was out of Egypt that the biblical Moses was anointed by the hand
 of God and handed a rod to go and deliver the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

Behold the anointed! Cde Paul Siwela, his rod in hand is coming to deliver Matabeles from Zimbabwe oppression.

Rejoice ye children of Matabeleland for oppression at the hands of the government of Zimbabwe shall be a thing of the past.

Lukhulu luyeza luyenyelela!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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