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Mnangagwa gradually transforming himself into a rural President

13 Mar 2019 at 21:32hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa is more or less transforming himself into a rural president as he has lost sympathy with the urbanites by failing to walk the talk in delivering what he promised prior to the presidential elections, just like the former DRC President Joseph Kabila, DRC became ungovernable during his reign to the extent of him only governing the capital city Kinshasa, where the army was at standby twenty four hours a day in case of riots.  

Africa has had leaders that have grown more powerful than the people they lead. As a result, the led become subjects; hapless and helpless, and only left to grope for the crumbs from the master's table. When leaders become too powerful the citizens tend to be abused and to forever remain beggars of the State. The worst mental programme that most citizens shall forever remain with is to think that the government' mandate is to give all answers and jobs. No! The major mandate of any proper government is to make available the opportunities for the citizens to flourish, through the generation of ideas and idea realisation.

The reason why sanctions are still there and they will remain there, is the same reason why Zanu Pf government is still in power. Without doubt sanctions could have been removed if Mnangagwa had not rigged the presidential elections. Zimbabweans especially ED and his government should actually forget about the removal of sanctions. Zanu Pf will never at any given point reform itself from power, meaning that it will do anything it takes to continue illegitimately its  stay in power and by that sanctions will never be removed. Western countries cannot be fooled by Zanu Pf as they have been in this political game way back before Zanu Pf came to existence.

Recently the president appointed a useless presidential advisory council which is said to be a group of well-established thinkers that can help transform EDs political fortunes, to be honest Mnangagwa knows the source of the political and economic problems of Zimbabwe and wasting the tax payers money by appointing such a group of useless individuals it leaves a lot to be desired from President Mnangagwa's government , prior to that he called a useless dialog with political parties who in total did not even score a single 1 percent, such actions clearly illustrates the level of confusion, poor analysis and misguided proportions that are being paraded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Without doubt President Mnangagwa has lost the touch he had prior to his enthronement as a coup President. The man even attracted support from the urbanites but his actions whilst in power has made him to be an enemy of the working class and the unemployed graduates. ED as he is affection ally known has become a darling of the rural folks where Zanu Pf commands its mojo support and he seem to be content with that.

With the worsening of the economic situation in Zimbabwe very soon major towns will be turned into war zones as the civilians are now losing patience with the unpopular president who once describe himself to be as soft as wool. If the government is not aware that the people will soon go back to the streets they will be caught unaware. The situation in Zimbabwe is now beyond MDC Alliance and soon everyone especially the youths will be at the forefront of uncontrollable riots against the government. Harare in particular will be a war zone and ED will soon be no longer be able to control the situation.

President Mnangagwa's failure to transform the economy pointing his poor governance skills on imposed sanctions and MDC Alliance activities will soon backfire him as Zimbabwe is about to become ungovernable. ED might last longer than his purported time but his tenure will be full of misery day in day out, his government has failed to implement the democratic reforms which are critically needed to unlock investment rather his administration has chosen to shoot from the back.

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