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Of old folktales ...

16 Mar 2019 at 08:55hrs | Views
A story has been told of how an old man came back to Zimbabwe rich from 'Mzansi' after years of sojourn in the streets of Johannesburg .He started a business in Zim but the business could not be sustained, he had no business acumen to keep his business afloat.

The story goes like this , Emmerson went to South Africa as a young man in search of a job.He could not get a job and life became tough in the streets of Johannesburg. He remembered his old skill, mending shoes in Zimbabwe had been something he had been exposed to .He gathered his meagre savings and bought few items to start his business in the streets of Egoli.So , how did he become rich when he arrived back in Zimbabwe?

Emmerson narrates his story as a masterstroke of luck when on a quiet day things 'happened ', which would alter the course of his life. Robbers fleeing from a bank after a bank job in Johannesburg threw a bag full of rand notes towards his usual work station. Like a smart man he was, he hid the bag in a bin, hoping the guys would surface later and give him a token of appreciation. The bank robbers never came back for their loot.

Emmerson tracked his way back to Zimbabwe with his newly found fortune. He opened a bottle store, a butchery and a small supermarket at his growth point. He would keep telling people his business would expand, instead of expanding the opposite effect happened. It crumbled down, Emmerson had no knowledge of running a business.H e blamed imagined enemies as he would claim they were behind his fall.

This story can be related to our current junta leader. He was given the mandate to rule the country by the military. Prior to his entry things were worse, now after his entry, it is worse off.Mnangangwa like his erstwhile namesake has no clue how to turn around Zimbabwe, s economy.He blames "sanctions" but does not look at how the ruling party policies destroyed everything in the country.

Mismanagement has been the greatest thing Zanu pf orchestrated. Why should they speak of sanctions issue selectively when it suits them.Chiadzwa diamonds instead of taking back Zimbabwe to glorious days instead became a cash cow for them as they looted the precious stone.If they had managed that well that could have been a sanction buster.

Sanctions must go is just a theme for Zanu pf to distract people from the sad reality that it's not sanctions hurting Zimbabwe but corrupt Zanu pf led government.

Like the villager who blamed imagined enemies, Mnangagwa blames MDC, sanctions, NGOs for Zimbabwe's woes forgetting to look at four fingers pointing at them.

Source - AT Kadada
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