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Tour Chimanimani with a clean intention

19 Mar 2019 at 12:29hrs | Views
In times of bereavement, people of different political and social persuasions, even those who do not see eye to eye bury their hatchets and converge to comfort the bereaved.

The devastating Cyclone Idai, with a total fatality of over 80 lives so far, requires that Zimbabweans sober up for once and join hands in mobilising resources for the victims. This is not a matter for social media jokes nor is it for political expediency. Every sane Zimbabwean and any living creature on the face of the earth must be seen taking part towards rescuing the Cyclone victims.

The main political protagonists in the country must lead the way in rallying citizens' attention towards the catastrophe at hand. President Emmerson Mnangagwa had to cut short his trip to the United Arab Emmirates (UAE). It is a good move that reflects a President who has his subjects at heart.

The MDC leader has also indicated that he was going to visit Chimanimani. This is good as well. However, it is everybody's hope that the opposition leader will not attempt to gain political mileage out of the disaster. Mr Chamisa is notorious for attempting to politically profit from such sad events.

During the funeral of the late music legend and national hero, Oliver Mtukudzi, Mr Chamisa took advantage of the time he was respectfully accorded to address mourners, to preach his detestable politics. It was not time for politics but he attacked President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF as if they were responsible for the death of the national hero. That was wrong and the general public censured him. He even attempted to steal the show at the National Sports Stadium by trying to enter the stadium with a convoy.

Mr Chamisa must just visit the cyclone affected areas with a clean intention, just like any other citizen. This is not a trip to get pictures for social media posts. The visit must not be used to form the basis for blaming anyone. His party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume has already blamed Government for the disaster as if somebody had the power to stop it. They have blamed President Mnangagwa for visiting UAE as if he is some kind of a god who has the power to stop the disaster. Government is doing everything in its power to assist the victims.

The Army has been deployed and they have managed to rescue pupils at St. Charles Luanga Secondary School. That great work must be appreciated. The military is always at handy in times of needy. They recently quelled the vicious revolts meant to overthrow the constitutionally elected government. Those who always attack the soldiers must have a change of heart. They are not the enemies of the people. Their actions are always for the greater good of the nation.

The visit to Chimanimani by Mr Chamisa will give him an insight on how the sanctions are affecting Zimbabwe, particularly the ordinary citizen. If this country was not under sanctions, it would have been better prepared for such a tragedy. Even if government had decided to evacuate the people before the calamity struck, issues of capacity would have come in.

It will take time to rehabilitate the infrastructure destroyed by the cyclone. This needs unconditional assistance from all the countries even those that imposed sanctions on the country. It is unfortunate that the MDC still puts some conditions for sanction removal. The sanctions must be unconditionally removed for this country to rehabilitate its destroyed infrastructure.

If the United States genuinely believes that the sanctions affect the few targeted individuals and entities, it must then assist the ordinary person affected by the cyclone. They are not on sanction list.They should help them to rebuild their bridges, roads, homes, schools, health facilities and so on.

Mr Chamisa himself has been boasting that help is a call away from Trump. This is the right time to call for that help.  Hopefully he is visiting Chimanimani with that assistance.

Source - John Sigauke
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