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Be prepared and willing to move to higher ground

25 Mar 2019 at 21:34hrs | Views
Global warming induced Cyclone Idai has left a trail of destruction, death and misery to hundreds of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The economic and social fabric of these three countries have been adversely affected big time, with no prospects of complete healing. Greenhouse gases emissions from industrialised and developed nations have resulted in southern Africa paying the price for a crime Africans never committed.

From slavery, colonisation and now man-spawned climate change, when is our prosperity and rest? The world knows and is aware that climate change is a result of industrialisation. Developed countries must pay reparations for slavery and compensation for colonisation and lately Cyclone Idai.

The white man's onslaught on Africa must be stopped before we are all wiped out. People in affected areas must be prepared and willing to move to higher ground. The I-will-not-move nostalgic attitude will not work this time, climate change is real and worse situations cannot be ruled out.

The culture of wanting to reside in proximity with graves of ancestry must be abandoned in case one joins them soon. Far flung village stands are not safe either, there is safety in numbers.

Above all, rural structures must be strong and safe, rickety and tilted 'homesteads' are tragedies waiting to happen.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

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Source - Thomas Murisa
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