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Arrest of Zenzele Ndebele plot to suppress truth on Gukurahundi

27 Mar 2019 at 06:29hrs | Views
Arrest of  journalist, Zenzele Ndebele, yesterday morning at Bulawayo state house, Mnangagwa's meeting venue with Matabeleland civic organizations, is a plot to suppress the truth on Matabeleland genocide and veiled threat to all activists seeking justice for Matabele people. MLO demands his release with immediate effect.

When Mnangagwa touched down at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport yesterday morning, MLO knew that he was up to political notoriety as tribal haters and genocidists like him do not visit victims of their genocide and oppression for a good cause.

Within hours of Mnangagwa's arrival in the city Zenzele Ndebele was arrested. We know that Zenzele Ndebele is being punished for laying bare the truth about Matabeland genocide and his fearless reporting about human rights abuses by the government of Zimbabwe.

Cold hearted murderers and abusers of Matabeles like Mnangagwa do not have the best interests of the people of Matabeleland at heart.

Anyone who believes that Emmerson Mnangagwa will deliver devolution of power or prosecute himself  for Matabeleland genocide will as well believe that Hitler will wake up from the grave and prosecute himself for Holocaust.

Political parties, civic organizations and cultural leaders in Matabeleland are advised to stop entertaining oppressors and murderers of our innocent relatives and giving them the task of being the police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges in their case of genocide. The fact is they are perpetrators they must pay for Matabeleland genocide, stealing Matabeleland resources and marginalising us.

They must stop kneeling before our oppressors to ask them to roll out devolution of power or development in Matabeleland something that they have dismally failed to do in the last 39 years. For your own information no shona led government will ever do that in our life time. They are just happy to see you falling down on your knees before them looking desperate and miserable.

People of Matabeleland must learn from another dictator, Joseph Stalin's strange
and cruel demonstration on how to keep people oppressed without realising it.

"On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken and proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before some of his henchmen. Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped. "Now you watch," Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers. Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, "This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives."

Are the people of Matabeleland so dump like a chicken that they would follow the murderers, oppressors and human rights abusers for crumbs of bread?

MLO warns traitors in our midst who are in the habit of leading Matabeleland masses to Harare to pick up crumbs and pieces of grain falling from tables of our oppressors.

Should this kind of behaviour continue MLO will be forced to view such persons as agents of the enemy whom the revolution must deal with mercilessly.

We do not write these articles for pleasure or entertainment purposes but to send a powerful and truthful message especially to the people of Matabeleland. Many will dismiss us as none entities and empty vessels only to be shoked at a later stage.

We will continue to express ourselves through any means possible. Should it be symbols, signs or demonstrations we will use them. We shall come like a thief without anyone noticing and produce breaking news.

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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