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Fake meeting of the Ndebeles and Mnangagwa

27 Mar 2019 at 19:36hrs | Views
The fake meeting of the Ndebeles and President Mnangagwa dented our struggle against oppression. You can't just arrange a prompt meeting with a  person who obviously has no plans of helping you, whose leadership is of a chair painted with human blood, whose reign is that of terror and murder, who has refused to punish people that cold bloodely murdered unarmed innocent civilians and continues to allow that to happen. You want to call Mnangagwa a good listener to what.

What has he listened to and did what after listening to prove that he is a good listener. Listening is alright but there should be actions after listening. What are his actions after listening?

Those organizations that attended prove to me that they represented none of the Ndebele views. The contributions by his Highness Chief Veze Maduna Mafu about what needs to be done and how on the Gukurahundi issue, are the deal we should be pushing for and not to agree to work with his meant to be suppressive in objectivity peace and reconciliation commission, assembled by his CIOs.

President Mnangagwa still keeps his so-called peace and reconciliation commission which is serving no purpose but that he is having his cake and eating it. He has been told to go international with this but no he doesn't want, why? How can you investigate yourself? He was in government when Ndebeles were being killed by the Gukurahundi and he called then cockroaches that needed wiping out. I've not seen one good characteristic of a leader in him later alone a good one. The arrest of the journalist and CITE director Zenzele Ndebele was a big statement of his intentions. He means bad.

Zenzele Ndebele has a good analytic sense on issues. He was probably not born or just born when Gukurahundi happened but he has managed to do a good job on the information about it. Emmerson Mnangagwa does not like his kind.

They had nothing against Ndebele but just that he should not be in the meeting because they knew that he would cut the content to threads. When Robert Mugabe was ousted from power some of us celebrated that with a big question in our minds, why Emmerson Mnangagwa for replacement. Which Mnangagwa did these pretenders meet then, and for what? President Mnangagwa does exactly the opposite of what he says. His nickname 'Garwe' tells the story.

Please let us not be self-destructive and pathetically submissive to our oppression.

Clement Moyo (Mr)
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clement Moyo
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