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Trevor Ncube xenophobic lies against Ndebeles malicious and reckless

01 Apr 2019 at 09:30hrs | Views
Trevor Ncube statement that Matabeles who have acquired South African citizenship and  permanent residency support xenophobia against black foreigners in South Africa is unfortunate, unfounded malicious and reckless. This apparent smear campaign against the people of Matabeleland may cause unwarranted hatred for Matabeles living in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Due to the fact that the statement comes from an individual who has recently been appointed as the advisor of the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa whose hatred of Matabeles is known, we believe that it is part of a bigger political conspiracy theory against Matabele people.

Its aim is to pit Matabeles living in South Africa against the government of SA which may use the statement to accuse Matabeles of tarnishing the image of South Africa and then classify them as undesirable elements to be deported.

It will provide violent and genocidal Shona people in Zimbabwe  with justification which they need to attack innocent Matabeles in Zimbabwe thinking that they are avenging the death of their relatives killed in SA xenophobic attacks.

In a bigger picture it may cause Matabeles to be viewed in bad light in Africa and the world. This in turn may cause SADC, AU and the UN not to support Matabeleland restoration cause which is the ultimate goal of this conspiracy theory.

We challenge Trevor Ncube to furnish the world with tangible evidence of his claims or retract his damaging and dangerous statement.

The truth which can be backed with enough evidence is that Matabeles have suffered more casualties in the current and previous xenophobic attacks in SA than any other nation in Africa.

We are the prime target of DA's Herman Mashaba foreign "witch hunt" campaigns as most of our people live in Hillbrow and the Johannesburg CBD where he usually conducts his operations.

After suffering genocide, tribal marginalisation, tribal domination and tribal hatred at the hands of Shona supremacists in Zimbabwe, we have since developed a thick skin. No amount of political smearing and conspiracy will stop us from demanding the restoration of Matabeleland independence and sovereignty.

Last but not least we warn all Matabeles and those who pretend to be Matabeles that if for whatever reason, you have suddenly found favour in the eyes of our oppressors, do not try to impress your new masters using the good name of Matabeles as we will be forced to see you as part of our enemy in case of volatile political events.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

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Source - Israel Dube
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