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Doing "History without Walls" at Seke One High School

09 Apr 2019 at 11:03hrs | Views
Seke One High school, located in Chitungwiza District under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary has remained consistent with its motto, "flying high at Seke One High" with efforts to make sure that learners enjoy their subject of History. The Humanities department at Seke One High hosted the trio of McDonald Gurura (TV and radio presenter), Tembalami Tarugarira (gospel-artist, musician) and Rumbidzai Takawira (TV & radio personality). 27th of March 2019 was indeed a game changer to learners at Seke One High school when the event was held. Mr Musikavanhu, a History guru also graced the occasion. In the submission to make History an interesting subject beyond classroom activities, Seke One High school's Humanities department invited the trio. "HISTORY WITHOUT WALLS" is an innovation and movement that encourages student-centred learning approaches.

Mr Mundondo argued that, out of the realization that the traditional "old" history thinking as rendered a boring enterprise, there is need to rethink and re-invent ways of making it more appealing and impact positively in the lives of the learners. Observing that, not only is the traditional "knowledge-based" curriculum limited in scope but also conflicting with the modern educational trends. I am therefore, determined to restore the status of history in the new curriculum in line with the Vision 2030 principles.

The Inspirational Speeches
McDonald Gurura, one of the key presenters on the Seke One High School seminar emphasized on the acronym, DREAM, with a concept to get from DREAM to DONE.

D-escribe Your Vision
R-ealise Your Purpose
E-xtract Goals
A-chieve by execution
M-ine your mentors






In light of the event, learners had the following to say;

Tachi Nomatter: as for me l can say it was fair and l learnt a lot and actually we will aim higher and have better opportunities, also have decisions and visions for the future.

Tatenda Guta...I have been inspired to have a goal in life, to dream bigger and also to never look down upon myself no matter what circumstances I might be in

Nathan Musara noted that, "l learnt about the term "dream" and don't lose hope even under complex circumstances. Character shapes your life and hence, the need to be determined and push ahead against discouraging moments."

Panashe Gavhu "I learnt that through hard work we can make a difference in the world to come."

Ivy Chikuni, It was splendid, learnt something in the world of setting dreams...also learnt that everything has got value in life

Gamuchirai Ticharwa … l learnt that we should have a vision, character and dream  and also we should set our goals by writing it down using a pen or knowing  them. In dreams we should dream it, believe it, see it, Say it, Plan it, Work it and Enjoy it.

Panashe Nyambabvu noted that, "as for me I learnt that you should always dream big in life and also aim higher."

As for me Onwell Rangaridzai l learnt that we have to realise our purpose in everything we do and we should have good character because it values a person

Winnet Tapera, "I learnt about how to get from dream to done and how to describe my vision and realize the purpose of my vision. I have also learnt that attitude determines my altitude and that l have to dream something and believe in it."

"I learnt that in life you need to be someone with a vision,  you have to plan,  be someone who dreams big,  be someone with a character, realize your purpose,  and don't let what people say change you,  be you and don't listen to what they have to say, be proud of who you are." Nashah Chiwara

Tanaka Tserenga: I was motivated in that my value is because I'm my own version #unique and that my attitude will determine my altitude

Kudzai Makaha-I learnt that we have to dream big. I also learnt that our attitude determines our altitude and we must have positive towards our studies

Chepiri Vimbai, I have learnt that even if people look down upon me I shall never be discouraged on living my dream because I'm unique  and in order to achieve my goals I should describe my vision , realise my purpose and extract my goals

Kudakwashe Kahari: to my own opinion we must not let our value be determined by other people's preferences because we are crucial for the next coming years

Tachi Nomatter: Seriously, those guys inspired me very much. So, from now onwards I'm Advocate Nomatter Tachi...and thank you very much Mr Mundondo for inviting them. It makes learning quite interesting and helps us as students to achieve our goals in life

Maunganidze Tariro I was truly inspired by our guest speakers. I learnt to dream my dream and I learnt how to achieve it....I believe that one can be what he or she dreams...I am greatly appreciate the experience. Thanks to the Consultant

Mitchel Muchavaka... I  learnt that you should realize your purpose and I also learnt that my value is not determined by what people say ,all I can say is I was inspired..... Thank you so much The Consultant

As for me, Vania Mupita, l am very inspired by those guys and as for now and onwards, nomatter how many downs I have l will always dream big

And I just want to thank you sir for inviting Rumbi, Tembelam and Mc Donald   because their inspirational words were powerful and they are going to help us in our entire lives and education even to plan our dreams -Onwell Rangaridzai

Vongai Ngwasha l was inspired by the guests to have a vision of where lm going and that whatever l want to be in life starts now and to include God in everything

Nachael Chikasha noted that; "l have learnt a topic faster and further which was basically on how to get to my dreams, actually l was inspired, and l have learnt to control my destine, my future. Also l learnt that even if a person is brilliant but if he or she does not have character actually he or she is nothing.  I have learnt that l should not go for jiggies but rather go for the buffers…"

Tendai Mkanga, Lower 6 student had this to say,.. "I leant that my value is not determined by what people do or say and also to focus on what you want. Thanks to the consultant for inviting the trio of these mentors to Seke One High school."

Learning does not involve normal lessons only but out there are many motivators who can inspire and change your world change your blank thoughts to imaginable ones they were amazing including you the consultant, Mr Mundondo. The speech inspired me really, sir thank you so much for inviting them we appreciate this - Grace Chikafa.

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