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'Resolute in faith, we will triumph,' Mnangagwa argues - faith in voodoo policies delivering prosperity, insane

23 Apr 2019 at 07:54hrs | Views
"In Zimbabwe, we are currently undergoing our own struggle of light over darkness. As we walk the road of transformation and reform, we are guided by our Lord Jesus Christ's teachings of forgiveness, peace, love and take comfort from his victory," said Mnangagwa in his East Message

This is just wishful thinking! Here is a regime that promised to hold free, fair and credible elections only to blatantly rig the elections.

Mnangagwa promised "zero tolerance on corruption" and one year and half later has failed to arrest even one of the big fish. He has since admitted that "corruption is deep-rooted". Of course, it is deep-rooted; he and his fellow ruling elite leaders are the godfathers of corruption!

"For a while the challenges we face are significant, we are resolute in our faith that with hard work, sacrifice and unity we too will triumph. May the Almighty protect and bless our land," he continued.

Zimbabwe is in this economic and political hell-hole because of 39 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and tyrannical Zanu PF rule. The regime has managed to stay in power regardless of the people's democratic wish for meaningful regime change because it rigged elections.

Zimbabwe's economic and political mess is a man-made problem; mismanagement, corruption, etc. are problems of bad governance. It is, per se, within our mortal power to end this mess by replacing the bad government with a good, competent and accountable government.

It is ironic that Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies are the ones who have created the de facto Zanu PF dictatorship, ruthlessly imposed it on the nation and ruthless resisted its dismantling. His solution is that we must have faith and work hard. Have faith in what? In Zanu PF's voodoo economic policies delivering economic recovery regardless of the corruption, mismanagement, etc.!

After 39 years of Zanu PF misrule with disastrous consequences it will be insane to expect the regime to delivery economic recover.

If Zanu PF is allowed to stay in office until 2023 the regime will rig that year's elections too and retain Zimbabwe's pariah state status complete with the economic meltdown we see today. No doubt Zanu PF will be arguing the nation to work even harder, suffer even more heart-breaking hardship as part of the "austerity for prosperity" and never to lose faith in the regime delivering economic prosperity, its Vision 2030 Middle Income status.

Vision 2030 is nothing but a mirage and after 39 years of chasing mirages; it is madness to continue. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs economic recover much less prosperity will remain a mirage.

"Our own struggle of light over darkness!" Our struggle is for democracy over dictatorship. The only sure way to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship is for Mnangagwa et al to step down so allow the appointment of an interim administration that will be entrusted to implement the democratic reforms the nation has been dying for all these years

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