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Pensioners Allowances

26 Apr 2019 at 16:48hrs | Views
Again this government of crooks will always please the sides that threaten its power. There is no effective threat from pensioners revolt if ever, and so they cannot be considered for allowances increase.

The looters battered NASA has stayed at RTGS 80 dollars per member even when that is now worth less than 15 dollars as compared to its original value in the market. Yet money is looted everyday from its coffers. The senior citizen can never take action that threatens the crooks' power and so should be left to suffer. Even government retirees got nothing, not a cent because they can never effectively challenge government for an increase in their  allowances because all these fellows understand is a violent approach to problems.

How do you just ignore your senior citizens like that. You don't even talk about them, it's like they don't exist. I'm sure war veterans have been given quite a chunk because they are capable of raising hell if they are left out. I would be surprised if they haven't. They can campaign President Mnangagwa out of power through the zanu pf structures.

You remember the Dr Hunzwi era that kept Robert Mugabe on his tores until he decided to run Zimbabwe economically unstable than lose his power. The leopard never loses it's spots, it's called 'management by crisis' old timers. There is no holistic approach to problems unless someone raises hell. That's Africa for you by a black government. During the Smith regime every salary raise to a civil servant meant an equal consideration for a pensioner. They didn't need to be reminded. Yes 'cry the beloved  country', the reality is so embarrassing. You take up arms of war  to do what, to degrade your status worse.

Clement Moyo (Mr)
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

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Source - Clement Moyo (Mr)
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