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Israel Dube warns Mnangagwa govt on one and threatens the people of Mathebeleland on the other hand! Is that not fascism!

12 May 2019 at 08:32hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
A Republic of Matabeleland or Bloodshed: my reply

We have spoken on several occasions about the marginalisation of Mathebeleland and that we demand the reburial of mass-shallow graves in this region. We demanded too that those who lost lives and livelihoods should be compensated as such. We also demanded devolution and a referendum to determine the willingness of the peoples of this region if they really need a cessation from the mainland Zimbabwe. It appears as if we the peoples of Mathebeleland are denied of the voice to say what we want. These Mthwakazi parties have the say on us. These are mostly men-dominated that will determine our future, fate and destiny behind our backs. Whether we want it or not, Mthwakazi will cessed from the mainland Zimbabwe. According to me that is fascism.  

I really do not know if I am one of those who are to be neck-laced for loudly talking against undemocratic tendencies we see in these Mthwakazi parties. However, I will not stop because of neck-lace threats, and they are just threats. These young men have never been to war. When we were in Zambia fighting Smith regime, some of them in these Mthwakazi party positions were not born. It is therefore easy to shout guerrilla war because they do not have the slightest idea of what they are talking about. Loss of human life, they don't know, those bombing in Zambia and Mozambique are fairy tales to them they read in books and magazines. But it will remain text book knowledge for these young men, no real experience of war.

When we speak about dialogue it does not in any stretch of anyone's imagination that we are cowards: We know what we are talking about. We have seen it also in other countries that have seceded from the mainland and were given a separate state by the UN. The eloquent example is South Sudan today. Is there peace in that country? How many people have lost their lives in that unreasonable war in South Sudan? Almost half a million people in South Sudan have lost lives in that madness. Do we really want to see it happening in Zimbabwe, again?

Who is going to support a cessation: a country that is right in the middle of southern Africa? SADC will not, AU will not, UN will not: has a referendum been done in Mathebeleland to see if the people want this "ground-breaking" and "revolutionary" change? Has a dialogue been done between the government of Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi parties and the Mnangagwa regime turned down the dialogue?

Of note, Israel Dube correctly quotes the UN Charter that stipulates self- determination of a people. If he read the charter well, he will also find that the UN recognizes the colonial boundaries. To my knowledge, to this day, there was no dialogue call between the Mthwakazi parties and the Zimbabwe regime. All these regional and international bodies will ask that first question if dialogue failed and there is an impasse between parties involved. It is wholly inconceivable to plan to cessed from Zimbabwe behind our backs. Mathebeleland has several stack holders that needed to be consulted first before you declare war or other clandestine means that we are not privy of to cessed from Zimbabwe.

I really do not care if you call me a Zanu PF agent; I have been told this several times that I am one of them and this labelling has lost its power and strength. I also realized that my articles are appreciated when I speak what you like to hear most. Outside your interest, I automatically become a Zanu PF agent: that is wholly saucy I must say. There is no democracy in your movement whatsoever and I dare say. To threaten the people of Mathebeleland for resisting cessation is wholly undemocratic; this is how fascist tendencies gain strength in such organisations that do not tolerate any kind dissenting voices. How do you threaten peoples of this region and turn them into Zombies and we are to say yes and amen to some unreasonable demands you make in our name most of the time?

"We strongly warn our Judases. Some have already exposed themselves and we are closely watching them, some will be discovered in the future. We have a surprise package for you too; Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandel's necklace is waiting." Israel Dube said.

This statement to me is a treat to the peoples of Mathebeleland who will dare it to question cessation. Your movement is slowly moving into many of African dictatorships'. The peoples of Mathebeleland if they do cessed, our lives will be at the hands of dreamers: for us, it will be from frying pan to fire. You are a group of people who have no idea about guerrilla war-fare. If you knew what is it is, you will not be talking about it so causally. In a war situation there is no courage, as a matter of fact if the hide-and-seek war started, it is the very Ndebele men who will run faster and take cover in South Africa leaving women and children at the mercy of Zanu PF. This has happened before: During the Gugurahundi genocide it is our men who were targeted by the Fifth Brigade, some of them ran away to South Africa for cover leaving the women and children at the mercy of the Gugurahundi atrocities. How many women were raped during that dark era? 'How many women were bayoneted, killed because they were carrying children of dissidents in their stomachs? Your parties are triggering a repeat of what happened in those dark days. It is not cowardice to say we demand dialogue and not guerrilla warfare. Any situation that put the lives of women and children is abhorable. There is no noble war.  
It does not assist the cause anyhow if the number of peoples who were murdered during the genocide era is inflated all the time: the Catholic classified documents indicate that 20,000 people perished. So now are we told another death toll it's now 45,000. This inflation of genocide casualties will simply water-down the Mathebeleland genocide. Please let's stick to the truth: genocide is genocide and it was committed in Mathebeleland and Midlands. We shall always seek justice until our demands are met either by our generation or the next. It is not the law and guidelines that we are demanding from the Zimbabwe but are saying genocide was committed and we seek justice. To demand dialogue is not cowardice but strength.     

"Do not say we did not warn you in advance, like a thief, we shall come. Without warning and without anyone noticing we shall come and cause breaking news. But for you beloved Matabele, be fully prepared for this short period of pain but one which will usher permanent freedom and everlasting joy," said Israel Dube once more.

If one was stupid, one would believe this statement: a well day-dreamt statement. Where does freedom and everlasting joy come from parties that show all tendencies of dictatorship and fascism? What is the difference between shooting people just for demonstrating by Zanu PF and Neck-lacing the peoples of Mathebeleland by Mthwakazi parties because they do not agree with them?  It is barbaric and uncivilized to shoot innocent people in the streets by Zanu PF and to necklace people who do not agree with Mthwakazi parties. This threat of neck lacing is supposed to cause shrill in our spines and fear of retribution if we ever dared to contradict the obvious. You are telling us that you are intolerant to anyone who is not on your side. Is that freedom and joy you promise the peoples of Mathebeleland? It appears as if we are all going to be yes-and-amen's in a free Mthwakazi Republic: if not you will be neck-laced as such. Is that freedom you are promising and are we going to be joyful if we cannot air our views freely and fairly? How uncouth can you still be: a threat by neck-lacing people?

We have suffered in this region for so long and it is for this reason we have lost focus on real issues that affect this region. At a time whereby we need people to come together and revive Bulawayo and surrounding: those projects that can uplift the region, we are now threatened with neck-lacing if we ever tried to put some project development in the region. In as much as I do not fear the Zimbabwe regime, I do not fear Mthwakazi threats at all. I will always speak my mind all the time without fear or favour.

It is wholly surprising but expected from a country that got independence through violence. Violence is imbedded in our psyche, that 1980 independence that was won through violence: that very violence has now manifesting itself even in the next generation. Zanu PF knows violence to cow down people to submission. Again, Mthwakazi knows violence to demand their independent state: even threatening neck-lacing to its own peoples of Mathebeleland. Even if, for argument sake, Mthwakazi got its independence, there are all signs that Mthwakazi Republic will never be a peaceful state. It will be another South Sudan, yet another conflict in Africa.

The UN is calling for peaceful means to resolve conflicts; they are many of them especially in Africa. Africa has the most number of conflict regions in the world. Most casualties are women and children. Mthwakazi parties do not care about casualties: women and children are disposables. Who told Mthwakazi parties that the take-over of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe will be for a short period? Who can sincerely determine the life spine of a war, how long a war can take? You can say all manner of evil against me or anyone who does not share your disposition; you must be told you are offline for threatening the peoples of this region of Mathebeleland with neck-lacing: it is absolute recklessness, wrong and barbaric.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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