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Do they come from where windows are used more often than doors?

15 May 2019 at 08:15hrs | Views
Reports of armed robberies and rape in Mash. Central province are very disturbing as much as they are alarming. Knife and gun-totting gangs are said to be driving around ravaging women and helping themselves to valuables from their victims.

Mash. Central is known for its peace and tranquility, who then is muddying the communal well? Our wonderful farmers want to work their fields without fear who then is behind such evil doings?

Cases of robbery and rape where recently reported in Bindura, Glendale and Guruve.

We hope the law enforcement agencies whose hands are known to be 'very long' will get on top of the situation and restore peace. We have plenty thigh vendors in the land why seek 'unauthorised entry' taking great risks in the process.

If left unchecked the scourge will spread to rural communities causing uncertainty, losses and disharmony. Village youths must sleep with one eye open for any unsavory elements who seem to have been brought up from places where windows were used more often than doors.

We are one big family as Zimbabweans, causing harm and distress to others will not bode well even for the perpetrators.

The Creator will fight for the victims and cause suffering to the doers of evil. May the victims find solace and comfort in the knowledge that majority Zimbabweans do not condone such behaviour.

Tondorindo. Harare

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Source - Tondorindo
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