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Mourn DD as He Was

25 May 2019 at 16:15hrs | Views
When one of us departs it is dignified to mourn and remember the good things that the person did. It is very common that people pick up some lessons from his life. Those who know him best share the information about him with others.

Before the body of Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa who was the President of Zapu, we hear  from  Mr. Kembo Mohadi one of Zanu-PFs Vice Presidents that "Zanu-PF does not forget its own". He said this during a ZBC interview and this was broadcast on TV.  

Just how was the President of Zapu ever owned by Zanu-PF? These are disturbing words that infuriate Zapu members, the family and those who genuinely cherish the political life and contribution of Dumiso Dabengwa in Zimbabwe and in the region.

Taking advantage of their grossly polarized press that will totally ignore the voice of Zapu in a bid to dismiss its existence the Zanu-PF leadership is deliberately embarking on a misinformation campaign.

Zanu-PF is a political set up that Dr Dumiso Dabengwa did not agree with and that is why he left it and disowned the 1987 Unity Accord. He was the President of the people who are not of a Zanu-PF political persuasion. It is false to spread some information that he did what he did because he was owned by Zanu-PF.

Dumiso Dabengwa is a revolutionary giant in Zimbabwe and in the region. He does not need anyone to link him to another organisation that he did not belong to. He was the leader of Zimbabwe African People's Union, a political organisation in which he believed from 1961 until his last breath. He fought for the ideals of Zapu. He survived bombings from the enemy and never gave up because he believed that he was part of a mission to give Zimbabweans and the generations to come freedom, democracy and their rights. His contribution to the creation of our modern day Zimbabwe is there for everyone.

The least thing that fairly minded people should do is to just mourn him as he was and that is as THE PRESIDENT OF ZAPU. They have to share with him and his family his heroism as he was. Any political mileage is an insult.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu Zapu Presidential Spokesperson
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