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MDC Congress: A case for tribal balance

25 May 2019 at 16:16hrs | Views
The structure of any serious political party   must reflect the national demographics existing in that particular country at any given time to avoid rendering it lifeless and morbid. Gender, age, tribe, race, religion and economic occupations are aspects that should never be overlooked when building a party that seeks to be an alternative to useless incumbent governments  on this continent.

In the case of MDC Alliance, one thing that is poised to strengthen or weaken the party after their 5th National Congress is tribal balance in the presidium. What makes tribal balance exceedingly vital in our politics is the simple fact that African presidents are largely endowed with tribalistic mindsets rather than nationalistic ones.

African leaders have a penchant for developing their regions of origin when they get into power. They only recognise, prioritise, promote and reward their fellow tribespeople at the expense of other regions and peoples of their countries.

Meritocracy, ability, substance and capability exert little influence in matters of appointment and disappointment of government employees. As such, power must be evenly balanced at the top echelons of parties and the Government in order to achieve equal opportunities for every citizen and development for every region in the countries of Africa, Zimbabwe included.

Tribal balance talk must not be a taboo or secret in the MDC Alliance if a united MDC wants to be seen as progressive. The worst hypocrites are those who discourage tribal talk but at the same time take the trophy in practicing tribalism.

If tribalism is not an important factor why then do leaders fancy to be surrounded by same tribe subordinates?

If tribalism is not an important factor why then do leaders feel uncomfortable at the thought of   being surrounded by subordinates from other tribes?

There are cadres who are still living in the past in the MDC and continue to popularise the sell-out and loyalists' slogans. They are being myopic and retrogressive. In trying to conceal a dangerous agenda of one tribe promotion (the Wezhira tribe) in the party such people are committing a serious crime of anti-nationhood.

When the MDC split no-one was right.

When the MDC split no-one was wrong.

Everyone was right. Everyone was wrong. This mindset is the foundation on which a united and strong MDC must be built. That's the only strategy that will see Chamisa occupy Statehouse one day in future.

As a matter of fact, the slogan at Gweru this weekend should be none other than:

Chamisa muKaranga woyeee!

Biti muZezuru woyeee!

Welsh muNdebele woyeee!

Mai Kore SaManyika woyeee!

The best of the best yet from different tribes.

A united MDC is a must.

We are sick and tired of being opposition.

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