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Zanu-PF panics over Dabengwa refusal to be buried at Heroes Acre

27 May 2019 at 14:39hrs | Views
When the world recognised and colourful heroes like Dumiso Dabengwa who spent more than 14 years in the trenches fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe refuse to be buried at the National Heroes Acre, you know that all is not well in the paradise. Zanupf has all reasons to panic. Too many questions than answers.

Dumiso Dabengwa is not the first decorated freedom fighter from Matabeleland to snub the Heroes Acre. There are many others before him and he is probably not the last. A situation which exposes the so called Unit Accord as fake and the Zanupf government that imposes it on the people of Matabeleland as oppressors. This act by the big political guns from Matabeleland is as good as rejecting Shona supremacist rule.

It is a well known secret that even Joshua Nkomo the late Father Zimbabwe snubbed the Harare situated Heroes Acre but was buried there by the humiliated Zimbabwe government against his death wish.

Surprisingly, Enos Nkala, whose house in Harare is where Zanupf was formed in 1963 was buried against his own will at the Heroes Acre. The man who regretted assisting in the formation of the Monster, Zanupf, told Cde Paul Siwela on two occasions that he did not want to be buried at the Heroes Acre in Harare.

Dumiso Dabengwa also told Cde Paul Siwela twice that he did not want to be buried at National Heroes Acre. When asked why, he kept silent for a few minutes  and when he finally spoke, he said he wanted to be buried in his rural home Ntabazinduna next to his farther.

Another decorated war vet who shocked Zimbabwe was Akim Ndlovu, the first commander of Zipra. He did not only refuse to be buried at the Heroes Acre but told Zanupf leadership that Cde Paul Siwela was his President. He went further to fearlessly state that he paid his allegiance and loyalty to Cde Paul Siwela. And that he should be the main speaker at his funeral.

This was a huge embarrassment to Zanu-PF and when Akim Ndlovu passed on, Cde Paul Siwela was summoned to Bhusumani's office (Akim Ndlovu's close relative) where he found the late Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Molly Mpofu and others from Zanupf waiting to give him a political coaching.

He was told that Akim Ndlovu was declared a National Hero and that he, Cde Paul Siwela, was the only politician outside Zanupf  given the honour to address the funeral of a National Hero. The Zanupf team emphasized that under no circumstances should Cde Paul Siwela attack the then President, Robert Mugabe and Zanupf.

To avoid a complete ban, Cde Paul Siwela pretended to accept the conditions and when they parted ways  everything looked fine.

But come funeral day, there was chaos at the Bulawayo Large City Hall as Cde Paul took no prisoners, telling it as it is.

 Right before the eyes of Zanupf top leadership that included then Vice President, John Nkomo, he spoke against tribal marginalisation of Matabeles in all spheres of life including war vets from Zipra, Matabeleland Genocide and need for Matabeleland to breakaway from Zimbabwe. The very reason why Akim Ndlovu asked him to be main speaker at his funeral.

State agents ran up and down the hall to try and arrest Cde Paul Siwela but Matabeleland masses who loved the truth that came out of his mouth formed a human ring outside the hall to protect him.

Zanupf top leaders who were present were left with egg in the face. The state agents left the scene with their tails in between their legs.

Undemocratic and dirty as the Zanupf government is known to be, a government that does not respect the wishes of the dead and the living, Akim Ndlovu was also buried at National Heroes Acre against his will.

Like the true war veterans from Matabeleland who refuse to be buried at the Heroes Acre in Harare, people of Matabeleland must refuse to be ruled by the oppressive Harare government and fight for the restoration of Matabeleland state to govern themselves.

The time is now!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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