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Rape is social terrorism, stop rape

01 Jun 2019 at 20:21hrs | Views
The desire to rape and at times commit murder is nurtured and not natured. What is so amusing and exciting in fighting to subdue and violate someone who does not love nor like you.

Cases of rape are always at the courts with some perpetrators being caged for more than ten years.

Most of these undesirables are people known to the victims and sometimes are close relatives.

Toddlers are robbed of their innocence by deviant people who see 'wives' in children, in some cases leaving the victims traumatised, scarred for life both physically and spiritually. Women look to men for protection and support not abuse.

It has now become dangerous to accommodate strangers since potential rapists do not roam about in 'uniform'. Never trust your girl children with strangers even that close cousin who may take the opportunity to ravage them.

When a male relative is staying for the night putting him in the same room with kids is a no, no. Also, dressing young girls in thigh vendor 'work suits' is not advisable. Butcheries have no 'curtains' so the pricey goods can attract customers.

Food for thought, do not 'provoke' the tigers in men by dressing your girl like she is an apprentice to the Kardashians. Sunday school is recommended for kids to attend. Sleepovers are taboo to Africans.

Changed behaviours in kids could be symptoms of abuse. There is no child and adult friendship do not be fooled, it could be grooming in progress.

Rape is social terrorism, report cases of rape.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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