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Mnangagwa scared to face his own sins at Dabengwa's funeral

02 Jun 2019 at 13:08hrs | Views
The lame excuse given by presidential spokesman George Charamba for Mnangagwa's failure to attend Dabengwa's funeral is that "it is in the spirit of respecting the bereaved family's request for privacy". But the opposite is true. The genocidists who was the main architect of Matabeleland genocide was afraid to face his own sins in Matabeleland.

He was scared of being stripped nak*d and humiliated before the eyes of the world by angry Matabele people.

The unpresidential act was also a continuation of a tribally motivated refusal by Zanupf MPs to observe a moment of silence for Dr Dabengwa based on a false excuse that he was not a member of parliament.

Everyone knows that the tribalists happily honoured a satanist, Oliver Mtukudzi, because he is one of their own and rejected not only Dabengwa but many other Matabele heroes because they are not Shona. This is a lesson to all Matabeles. If these people hate and humiliate Matabele liberation heroes like Dabengwa, and many others who died before him and those who are still alive,  what about the ordinary people of Matabeleland?

One little but growing tribalist who is in the habit of sending youth to burn Matabeles inside thatched huts saw it with his own eyes and heard it with his own ears as Matabeles told the truth as it is on Friday at White City Stadium where Dr Dabengwa' s memorial service was held.  

He immediately took to tweeter and wrote, "listening to the speeches at DD's memorial reminds me that Zimbabwe faces a huge challenge demanding national healing. Our country is deeply divided. The people are wounded and in pain. National healing,apology and restoration a must!"

 It remains to be seen if the little but growing tribalist, Nelson Chamisa, will be the first to jump into the pool and apologise for sending the MDC Alliance youth to burn Thokozani Khupe inside a thatched hut in Mashonaland last year.

As for the old and most dangerous tribalist who occupies the highest office in Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, his spies and yes men who were at the function must have called and told him of an imminent dress down hence the last minute snub of DD' s funeral. Mnangagwa can run but he will never hide.

This is a solid confirmation that Matabeleland is no longer a playground for genocidists, tribal haters, human rights abusers and oppressors.

MLO would like to congratulate and thank all Matabele and non Matabele speakers who took the stage and bravely told the truth as it is pertaining to injustices perpetrated against Matabele people by the  chimurenga and segregationst government of Zimbabwe.

The psychological strategy which began in the 1990s to restore the confidence of the people of Matabeleland has finally paid off. The Matabeleland cause is gathering momentum everyday and Matabeles are getting ready to hold the bull by its horns.

We urge all Matabeles to prepare for the BIG ONE ie to breakaway from oppressive Zimbabwe.

We cannot continue to live in country where we are clearly unwanted. Where we are labeled dissidents and murdered in cold blood and our women raped. Where our children are denied education because of their tribe, where our young men and women are denied employment based on tribal grounds, where we are denied development on the ground that we are Matabele, where we are marginalised because we are Ndebeles, where we are humiliated and demonized everyday because we are not Shona and we do not condon corruption and thieving.

We are ready to shed blood if circumstances call us to do so to breakaway from Zimbabwe. All we know is that we shall triumph and regain our country.

After 37 years years under the ubearable yoke of tribal oppression we have finally accepted the message the government of Zimbabwe has been sending to us that we are not Zimbabweans. Yes! We we are not and we are even ashamed to carry that label.

Let's unite and restore the state of Matabeleland that would re- emerge as the Republic of Matabeleland.
Viva the Republic of Matabeleland viva! There is not revolution that goes backwards.

To sellouts and those who oppose our revolution openly or clandestinely we say be careful! We are watching you with an eye of an eagle. Your greater reward will be the necklace than the crumbs you pick from the dinning rooms of the Shona supremacists. The crumbs can be tasty for now but you will pay the price.

Sithi hamba kahle baba Dabengwa, ayilale ngenxeba.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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