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Goat-herder's attack on Chief Ndiweni outrageous, uncivil and un-African!

05 Jun 2019 at 10:22hrs | Views
The daringly outrageous, uncivil, abusive and un-African article of the 28th of May 2019 by The Chronicle, viciously attacking Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna smells goaty and belongs to the primitive Stone Age society and era. This unmannerly attack by one goat-herder, Isdore Guvamombe, callously captioned ‘Ndiweni: A goat-skinner masquerading as a chief' cannot go unchallenged. Not in the modern world of our lifetime! The shamelessly malicious and scandalously written article and its goat-herder writer, evidently belong to the uncivilized and uncultivated morality of the Stone Age and Medieval eras.   Boasting of barbaric and cannibalistic orientation,  diabolically moulded somewhere in hell by some rat-brains stationed in the narrow corridors of a hollow elephant skull, the article and its vulgarity are manufactured somewhere in hell. If you spend extended periods of time close to, or with goats, you end up resembling them both in thought and deeds, our elders say. Living to that billing, Guvamombe's goaty thoughts and actions which are taboo and unwelcome to our society, are a stark testimony.

Disgusting Read

The devilish article makes a lazy and disgusting read. It is a deplorable and ugly piece which is a caricature of a strange goat with one horn on its forehead. The daring, offensive and brutally abusive goat-herder writer and his article, obtrusively smell goaty with their publication exuding a bovine discharge into the atmosphere of a small teapot-shaped village kraal somewhere in Mars. The whole scenario is a satanic recipe boasting a mixture of dung, urine and nasal mucus from a thin goat, served as supper to the angels of doom by a misguided airhead of a goat-herder singing and dancing for his own supper. This idiotic and unintelligible dance by the dipstick goat-herder writer can never be welcome in a civilized contemporary world in which we live. In that vein, all sound-minded Zimbabweans of high fidelity should disown it with the disdain it deserves, both individually and severally.

Social and Cultural Decay

The whole article and the attitude of its writer explicitly spell the social and cultural decay currently bedeveling Zimbabwe. The problem of poor parenting is hitting hard and fast deteriorating as evidenced by the sad production of social misfits and a blatantly disrespectful lot in the mould of the goat-herder writer in question. In our IsiNdebele culture, the chief is the custodian of the norms and values of our nationhood deserving unconditional respect and honour by everyone including even the mad man roaming the narrow pathways of the village. It is therefore more than taboo for anybody to insubordinate, deride and let alone, insult our esteemed chief. The despicable actions and intentions of the esteemed goat-herder writer are so ill-advised and injurious to the principles of humanness and Africanism, that one cannot express.

It is utterly sad and sickening to note that the insults on the chief are not only an attack on his person and office, but a covert stab on the whole community of Ntabazinduna and its culture that Chief Ndiweni represents. The whole affair is apparently intended to wound and maim the social fabric that glues the people of Ntabazinduna together against any forms of attack and invasion by outsiders. Further, it is intended to viciously maul the undying resolve by the generality of the Matabelelanders in upholding the spirit of ‘ubuntu' which they are famously known for. Obviously, this deficiency of social and cultural fidelity on the part of the goat-herder writer spells doom for Zimbabwe. The slow-witted and exceedingly  dopey writer simply lacks the cultural and moral decency minimally expected even from primary school children in Zimbabwe. The dangers posed by this goat-herder writer to society cannot be imagined!

Violation of Human Rights

Both the covert and overt threats on the life of Chief Ndiweni by the pathetic goat-herder are dangerous and an eyesore to democracy. Coupled with that are the racist and tribalistic undertones  that accompany the obscene  vulgarity. The article is pregnant with racial ringtones reminiscent of apartheid South Africa's P. W. Botha speech of August 1985 in which he stupidly took aim at denigrating blacks as being inferior to whites. The then leader of the National Party shamelessly argued that blacks are inferior to whites by claiming that ‘lizards are not crocodiles and hedgehogs are not porcupines'. In the same vein, the misguided goat-herder writer accuses Chief Ndiweni of attempting to make himself white by standing with the white family that is resident in his area of jurisdiction. This veiled racism should find no cushioned and spongy sofas in Zimbabwe and the generality of the world. It is utter disrespect of the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who fought a protracted liberation struggle to cure the country of such sickening racism , among other ills.

Zimbabwe is currently in the spotlight both regionally and globally as regards its negative human rights record dating back to the colonial era, running through the reign of the former despot and iron-fisted Robert Mugabe, to the present day so-called new dispensation. Notably and sadly, the hullabaloo about the so-called new dispensation has fast frizzled into thin air. With the re-engagement efforts targeted at the international community, especially the democratic Global North, remaining a still-birth, these daring violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms through  the horrendous threats on the chief and others, definitely usher in a terminating blow to any remaining hope of re-engagement and re-alignment with the much-needed international community and its financial institutions. The "lizards" that will "visit" the chief are only known by  Guvamombe, the self-styled goat-herder, kingmaker and godfather of Zimbabwean human life-giving. This cannibalistic threat and blatant violation of Chief Ndiweni and other citizens' human rights will only help lead to further underdevelopment and isolation of the country by the civilized world which frowns at such. Subsequently, the Medieval, anti-development and excessively primitive article should never see day in a development-seeking country like Zimbabwe.


Although chiefs are constitutionally barred from active politics, the defiant attitude and behaviour of the president of the Chiefs' Council , Chief Fortune Charumbira, exposes the bias by the goat-herder writer who has never condemned it. Charumbira has incessantly acted in complete defiance of Chapter 15, Section 281 (2) of the constitution of Zimbabwe which stipulates that traditional leaders must not:

(a)    be members of any political party or in any way participate in partisan politics;

(b)     act in a partisan manner ;

(c)    further the interests any political party or cause.

Interestingly, Chief Charumbira is on record as having openly stated his allegiance to the ruling ZANU-PF, in direct collision with the constitutional dictates. One such case is reported by The Zimbabwe Mail of 30 December 2018. Strangely, the partisan goat-herder of a writer selectively accuses Chief Ndiweni of having "dabbled in politics" while deliberately ignoring the fact that Ndiweni has openly disowned membership or support for any political party but only acts in solidarity with his people as and when invited. Sadly, according to the goat-herder and his diabolic article, it is angelic for chiefs to express open support for ZANU-PF while it is demonic to do so for the opposition or even to just attend the event in an inactive capacity like what the innocent and level-headed Ndiweni did.  In that context, the un-called for attack on Chief Ndiweni is a naked, partisan and embarrassing expedition by the uncultured and abusive goat-herder writer which should be totally shunned and easily discarded by all sober-minded Zimbabweans.

Barking at the Moon

It is noteworthy that any attempt by anyone to incite and gang up with anybody in disrespecting Chief Ndiweni and the community of Ntabazinduna is destined to hit a brick wall. It is just a sad semblance of a skinny puppy barking at the moon. It will simply not work! One wonders who this so-called writer or journalist is fighting for. Do the people of Ntabazinduna need  his services of issuing unwarranted diatribes on how the goings-on in their community should be? His crab-like walk is worse than shameful, to say the least.

The peace-loving and reverent people of Ntabazinduna do not need any goat-herder and outsider to tell them what to do with Ntabazinduna Mountain and their extended heritage in general. Fortunately, the people of Matabeleland in particular and Zimbabwe in general, are not gullible and can easily read into the seeds of time and say which will grow into a plant and which will not. More so, in terms of moral soundness, ubuntu and basic fidelity, the people of Ntabazinduna are incomparable. Ultimately, any demonic squirrel songs and incessant owl shrieks to the contrary by anyone, are like trying to drive an elephant into a tiny clay-pot for stew to be served at a lizard wedding party. What an exercise in futility!

To all progressive Zimbabweans, this daringly threatening, uncivil, abusive and un-African goat-herder's article and attack on Chief Ndiweni simply smells goaty and has no relevance to the modern, progressive world and should just be sent back to its neurotic sender.

Those who can, let them hear!

Nhlanhla Moses writes in his capacity as a downtrodden and disenfranchised ordinary Zimbabwean.

Source - Nhlanhla Moses
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