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President Mnangagwa's clean-up campaign symbolic

07 Jun 2019 at 08:56hrs | Views
The national clean up campaigns being conducted country-wide have portrayed President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a people-person who wants to connect with the masses from all walks of life. Never in many years have we witnessed a President who mingles with the ordinary citizens, performing one of life's 'lowly' tasks of cleaning dirt and rubbish in the country's streets.
Well, we never had that many examples anyway.

With the coming in of a new dispensation, President Mnangagwa has introduced new ways of doing things. He listens to the people and creates an aura of freshness to governance, tours industries and factories and sweeps in the streets, brushing shoulders with the common citizenry, all outside of a political rally meeting.

National clean-up campaigns are made to inculcate a sense of responsibility among citizens of their environment and resources. They open our eyes to the reality that if we do not take care of what we have, it deteriorates and degenerates, even decays, until we no longer need it and all we can do is throw it away. The environment is fast wearing away and yet it is all we have. Zimbabwe is our motherland. Its land and its minerals and farm products, the water and everything in it, all that is on the land, the factories and industries, buildings, infrastructure, the animals and the people all need to be cared for and preserved.

Our children must learn to preserve the environment when they see President Mnangagwa sweeping the streets. The youth must practice self love and patriotism when they see their President sweeping rubbish away from the city. Our fathers and mothers must emulate the Head of State in loving their nation and its environs. We can all, one way or the other, draw so many lessons from the mere act of holding the broom by President Mnangagwa. Let us sweep corruption away from our lives and actions in business, politics, the public and private sectors. Let us sweep corruption out of the health and education sectors. Let us sweep cartels out of our economy and get it back on track.

So as we go out to conduct clean up campaigns in our neighbourhoods, let is be bound by the spirit of oneness and togetherness. Let us prosper together. Let us create a better Zimbabwe together. Let us build together. Let us be motivated by a collective desire to see a better Zimbabwe. Let us speak with one voice against all negativity that wants to take us back. The only way to our destiny as a nation and country is forward.

Clean-up campaigns are our rallying point as churches, political parties, private and public sector to hold hands and demonstrate our collective dislike of tsvina in all its forms. What an opportunity we have! We can leverage on this symbolic act and transmit our collective energy to every other area of our lives.

Let the broom lead. Let clean hearts, clean intentions and clean hands lead us to our future as Zimbabweans!

Source - Mayor Justin Mahlahla
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