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He could be the one 'calling in the desert'

08 Jun 2019 at 06:48hrs | Views
Apostle Paul came from the least expected calibre of society, a tormentor of Christianity and Christians.

Biblical Moses the liberator of Jews was a known murderer chosen by God to lead his people from captivity. God's ways are far beyond human comprehension and we are the least qualified to quantify and evaluate His wisdom.

Welcome Prophet Oscar Pambuka to the world of 'Fishers of Men', spreading the Gospel and ministering to God's people. Winning souls for the heavenly Kingdom and delivering those afflicted with disease and torment from bondage.

Let's us not be quick to cast the first stone, his works and ways shall follow him. The vertically challenged Zakeo of biblical era hosted Lord Jesus at his home to the amazement and chagrin of many.

We all serve God in different ways and capacities, Prophet Pambuka could be the one 'calling in the desert', give him an ear.

Those not of God and not from Him  fell by the wayside, Gumbura and many other crest-fallen clergy come to mind. If Prophet Oscar is from God time will tell a tale and those commissioned by Him to serve Him can never be mistaken.

The charismatic Prophet is 'healing' the sick and 'freeing' those imprisoned by the powers of darkness. Seeing is believing, why not attend one of his services and demystify the 'mystery' of doubt in your mind.

Children of destiny will be known by their works. The truth shall set us free.

Ahoy Prophet Oscar Pambuka with him you will never 'go back the same'.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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