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Matemadanda coughs blood - No one left this position in good shape is it cursed?

11 Jun 2019 at 22:38hrs | Views
ZANU PF has seen a number of Political Commissars and then there were none. As of the appointment on Monday of Cde Victor Matemadanda to replace cde Major General Rugeje ZANU PF commissariat is once again male-only and the most volatile position in the party.  

Of the team who graced the most volatile position in the History of the party not a single member is left at the table. It must however be noted that the NPCs National Political Commissairs serve at the pleasure of the president. This means that something is done or can be done because His Excellence wants it to be done. The political commissair serve at the pleasure of the president, and will continue to serve as long as the president wants him to. His removal does not reflect his failure but simply shows that the pleasure has ended. The pleasure of the president has departed.

All things put together General Rugeje was the most short lived PC in the position. But he pulled through one of the toughest elections in the history of Zanu pf. An election which came when the party was seriously divided. ZANU PF was divided into G40. Into People's first into all sorts of divisions. Rugeje worked through the curves and indeed deserves a pat. Unfortunately for Rugeje he was surrounded by gossiping comrades and indeed it was just a matter of time before he was retired. He gave his all but the lies and gossip around him was so electric and like a great tsunami it swept him aside. We only hope that Cde Victor will be quick to see those around him as they are and chose his friends wisely. If he is to be overtaken by pride he will be the one achatemwa nedanda. We wish cde Victor a victorious time at the helm of the party as the back born of the party.     

Matemadanda's appointment on Tuesday is a timely reminder to party supporters across the land that political survival rhymes with party unity.

There were presidents past whose pleasures, if more explicitly known, would make some of us cringe. , and no president cares to consider his pleasures any more than absolutely necessary.

And yet, serving at the pleasure of the president remains a consideration that any observer of politics must consider. Past administrations have removed The president has appointed Matemadanda and disappointed Rugeje It is his right to do so.
Look, by law and by Constitution, these political Commissars serve at the pleasure of the president and traditionally are given a term. The pleasure of the president does not have to wait for any time it is as he pleases and it has pleased the president to retire one and appoint the other.

Despite this acclimation of unfettered power, there must be some reason for a decision. Of course, "at the pleasure" does not require a reason to be justified. If the basis for a change in the is simply on a Presidential whim, then that is as scary, if not more so, than partisan politics.

But before jumping to the conclusion that gossip has played the key role in the relatively swift demise of the previous PC , it is worth considering that they all came to the fore in an age of ever-increasing electoral volatility.
Second terms in government used to be the norm in most provinces. But there have been eye-catching breaks in that pattern over the past few years.

In less than a decade, commissariat  has been governed by four different commissars.
Rugeje was facing mounting hostility from his own party over poor public support, leading to a struggle for power that threatened the survival of the party.

What is it about Political Commissar that has led to so much instability in that position.
So is there a chance it could happen again?
It's not unlikely. Under the current system, this job security is linked to the size of the pleasure of his excellence. Since the elections in 2018 the position of the PC in recent months had been precarious.
The party is currently deeply divided between a hard-right faction, led by the unsuccessful leadership-challengers and a more moderate wing all in the corridors of power.

Rugeje's leadership was more moderate, however he became increasingly unpopular amongst hardliners in the face of a looming national election in 2023 and good opinion polling for the party.

In a self-reinforcing cycle, the impasse in the party had led to slow progress on key policies like tax cuts, spending cuts and economic issues. In turn that frustrated party elders making progress even less likely. The internal fight came to a head on Monday when Rugeje was pleasured out. Would the ouster heal the divided party.

Matemadanda is expected to pilot the wishes of the war vets and to speed their inclusion in all party structures. The danger is that the non veterans will be sidelined by their own party and the war vets will elbow many out.
If Matemadanda becomes humble and remembers where he came from he might survive the hot seat.

The position of the NPC is not for the faint hearted. Cde Mayor Urimbo who was born Mamutse was the political Commisar in 1977 he was retired at independence. He was so charismatic that he was nicknamed Mutupo we ZANU. Cde Mayor Urimbo mixed so well with all ranks he was not a proud person.  Because of his Humility he recruited thousands to the party and struggle. He was a great example of a National Political Commissar. Maurice Tapfumanei Mhofu Nyagumbo had a short stint in the shoes of the Pc. He died of poisoning in 1989. Cde Moven Mahachi became the PC and his end is well documented.  He was the NPC for thirty days. He had taken over from Border Gezi who died on duty. Manyika was pleasured in the frontline he was to die in another accident.

The position was taken by Cde Webster Shamu whose term ended unceremoniously and Xaviour Kasukuwere took over. Despite consulting several which doctors Kasukuwere left in a hurry. Then Matemadanda was appointed and he served for two days before General Rugeje took over. Rugeje was to oversee the elections and he won it for ZANU PF.
He was to be replaced by Matemadanda.

Matemadanda made history by being appointed to the same position twice. Is it a come back or going back.
This is the most volatile unpredictable position in the party. Will Matemadanda survive time will tell.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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