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Neither Mnangagwa nor Chamisa can change scope of Zimbabwe's economy as it stands

12 Jun 2019 at 08:04hrs | Views
There have been calls from various groups calling on Munangagwa and Chamisa to get together on the table for the sake of the nation.

This is only a minuscule solution needed for Zimbabwe's woes. It will take more than these two to get our economy on track.

So-called technocrats will come but none will change anything.T hey will come with sound policies but it will not change anything.B ring Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, they will leave in a huff.

Zimbabwe allowed a few individuals to be in control during the time of Mugabe,  the entry of Munangagwa only served to strengthen this group of individuals who are so powerful.

This oligarchy controls the flow of hard currency, they control the fuel industry they control virtually every facet of the economy.T he diamonds at Chiadzwa which could have helped Zimbabwe only helped in entrenching this oligarchy in the echelons of power.

The status quo were nothing is transparent and nothing is accountable is what they would want to remain. There is a nexus between this group and hàrdliners in the ruling party who have silently benefited from tender scams, foreign currency allocation and anything that fills their pockets.

Greediness has no limit, the more they want and the more they care less about the plight of suffering Zimbabweans.

When Munangagwa comes with dialogue programs it is just a worst of time buying time as he pretends he wants the country moving forward. This is the man who promised to shame individuals externalizing foreign currency. He promised to come hard on corrupt individuals but to date not one big fat corrupt cat has seen the inside of a cell.

The oligarchy has milked the nation dry, they continue to suckle whatever is left because they control us and the country's dead economy.

Honestly, a leader can't say he wants to do things differently yet he is flying from one end to the other with an entourage resembling a pop star on a chartered plane.

These dialogues will feature in the Zanu-PF mouthpieces as if it is what we have been waiting for until we realize it is 2023. Mnangagwa has no solution, he is clueless.He will buy his time while fooling the nation with the impression of a concerned leader.

Prices are rising daily and no one cares. They come with short term solutions which only work for a few months then it is back to where it started. Now he is talking of new currency and Zimbabwe people as gullible as we are we see this as a major thing.

What will the new currency solve? As with the bond note, they will peg it at 1:1 with the greenback that will only last a couple of months and back to square one.

Zimbabwe does not just need its own currency, it needs a major raft of changes. Corruption has become an acceptable way of life, hard work is frowned upon because in a nation swimming with poverty we glorify thieves when they import their million dollar cars.

Civil servants will continue to threaten to go on strike, but a raise even if it's double of their salary will only last one or two months. Prices will shoot up eroding that raise another threat will come again and so on.  
The oligarchy will resist changes that threaten their thieving because they are connected to those in power. As such calls for dialogues are a worst of time as long as those that have played a major role in foreign currency allocations retain their influence as well as those beneficiaries of the fuel industry.

The problem is how can this be resolved when our leader is the party of this oligarchy?

Source - A T Kadada
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