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Zanu-PF will 'solve corruption by making it fair' - 'No, it will work. Simple!'

16 Jun 2019 at 19:03hrs | Views
The one thing Robert Mugabe has instilled in his Zanu-PF cronies is the believe that they know what they are doing when in reality they have no clue. Who can ever forget Mugabe's long speeches "full of sound and fury signifying nothing", as William Shakespeare would put it. Zimbabwe sunk from being the jewel of Africa, growing enough to feed her own people with surplus to be the breadbasket of the region, to because the poorest nation in Africa, dependent on imported food aid. But you would not think so to listen to Mugabe wittering on and on!

 When Emmerson Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe following the 15 November 2017 military coup he surprised everyone with half a brain with his "Zimbabwe is open for business!" clarion call. Within weeks of taking over he was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland with his team all dressed up in his trademark colourful scarf. He expected a flood gate of investors and international finance houses like IMF and WB to heed his call. They did not!

Mnangagwa thought he knew all the problems behind Zimbabwe's international isolation during Mugabe days and was 100% certain the investors would believe that he had either addressed them or would do so shortly to restore their confidence in Zimbabwe as a safe country to do business with.

Mnangagwa promised to end corruption and to hold free, fair and credible elections, for example. Tall orders for anyone who knew that Zanu-PF was a party of incompetent, corrupt and murderous thugs who would readily burn the whole country and murder millions than see someone else rule the country.

So many people were not at all surprised that Mnangagwa blatantly rigged the July 2018 elections and has since admitted to failing to end corruption. Corruption is "deep rooted", he confessed.

Mnangagwa has since dropped the "Zimbabwe is open for business!" mantra but not the trademark colourful scarf. He has taken to blaming the targeted sanctions imposed by the West on some Zanu-PF leaders for the country's economic woes - Mugabe's well-trodden ground.

In a recent interview with Joseph Madzimure of State Media Victor Matemadanda, Zanu-PF newly appointed Secretary for the Commissariat, he is also the deputy minister of Defence and War Veterans' Affairs, showed that he too has the gift of the gab and has no clue what he is wittering about.

"There is also the need to address the issues of corruption within and outside the party. We want to solve corruption. Everyone, be it in the Parliament or Government, we want things to be fair," said Matemadanda.

"We must up the fight against corruption. Corruption should never be tolerated. If a leader is said to be corrupt, he/she should be given time to clean himself so that he will not be corrupt. There are means to find out if it is true or not that someone is corrupt. One should have a moral obligation that what I am doing is wrong and when they come to that realisation, they should be given time to clear themselves on issue of corruption so that they regain the people's confidence. When we are defending a person, it must be systematic, it must not be like hypothesis, let it be proved factually that this person is not corrupt and that leader will be accepted."

Well coming from the party's chief propagandist and strategist it is safe to say corruption in not only deep rooted but, worse still, those pretending to uproot it are in fact doing their very best to make corrupt "fair"!

"We won't …. We'll make sure this will work, will not work. No, it will work. You will not work. Simple!" said VP Constantino Chiwenga, another Zanu-PF leader with the gift of the gab but as brain-dead as they come.

With the nation's destiny in the hands of people like Emmerson Mnangagwa, VP Chiwenga, deputy minister Matemadanda, etc. it is no wonder Zimbabwe is the poorest country in Africa, has the world's highest hyperinflation rate, at 90% unemployment rate for over a decade it must be double world record, etc., etc. The nation has paid dearly in lost treasure, human suffering and lives for the privilege of being led by those with motor mouth but no intellect.

After 39 years of this Zanu-PF madness, the country is in a serious economic mess and on the verge of political and economic instability. The question is: how long are we going to allow the braindead to ride rough shod over our freedoms, rights hopes and dreams?

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