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Moyo fighting to retain farm because 'I bought it' - rubbish, 1000s other buyers were booted out regardless

21 Jun 2019 at 22:04hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo has stuck to his guns that the farm that he owns is not part of the land reform process but he purchased the farm after the government put it on a willing buyer willing seller plan.

"I usual don't respond CIO operatives on Twitter ask Hon Kasukuwere. This even you need to know: In 2001, offer letter had an option to lease or purchase. My family opted to purchase, govt evaluated the farm and asked for ZW6million and we paid government. It's government that SOLD the farm!" commented Professor Moyo.

Professor Moyo should know that the are hundreds if not thousands of others out there who bought their farms under the same willing buyer willing seller plan who were booted out of their farms taking nothing other than the shirt on their back! Now that he is no longer protected by the party, indeed, is considered the enemy even; he is fair game!

If Professor Moyo was to return to Zimbabwe, he will lose a lot more than the farm!
Should we feel sorry for Professor Moyo? Hell no! Zimbabwe is in this political and economic mess today because of sell-out like Professor Jonathan Moyo who worked tirelessly with Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa and other Zanu PF thugs to establish and retain this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship.
Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Southern Africa, we produced enough food to feed all our people with plenty left over to export. The nation earned a fortune from the sale of beef, tobacco and other cash crops. The country had a boom economy. Our agricultural sector collapse following the seizure of farms by the Zanu PF thugs and dragging the national economy down with it.

Thanks to Professor Moyo and his fellow Zanu PF thugs Zimbabweans are starving in a country which is for all practical purposes the Garden of Eden. There are millions of Zimbabweans who now live in abject poverty they are worthy of my sympathy than a Zanu PF thug like Professor Jonathan Moyo whose worry is losing a looting farm!

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