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I downed a quart of beer without paying

08 Jul 2019 at 07:32hrs | Views
What a great sigh of relief, my favourite Lion Lager beer is now retailing at 6 RTGS a quart from OK outlets. I could not help it but smile as I walked with a spring in my step towards the Liquor Corner at OK Parktown.

Throwing all protocol and caution to the wind I grabbed one big one, 'hiss opened it' and took a swig and another swig in rapid succession. It later dawned on me that I had 'committed' a crime of not paying for the beer first.

My price induced sabbatical was no excuse for this liquid offence. Cap in hand, I approached the Manager and explained myself offering to pay and buying a crate of more Lion beers at the same time.

An hour later I was singing to myself and speaking to my self on account of having imbibed copious beers. Attempting to stand up twice, gravity had be floored same times totally sloshed. This SI 142 is a talisman from another planet, more like it.

Prices are tumbling down as if under cyclone attack. I hear other basic commodities are literally 'cascading' towards consumers, propelled by the crest-fallen once usurious prices. Whoever is doing it, keep the pedal down.

Price of beef and pork must climb down pronto too, toothpick manufacturers had run out of business. No one needs a toothpick after eating sour milk (how I like it).

By the way my gogo in Lower Guruve has just phoned me, she wants to redeem a USD2, I told her the interbank rate is much more attractive than you-know-where.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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